There’s a bad apple in every apple tree.

Many of us have heard the metaphor “Every cloud has a silver lining,” right?  Well, I”m going to make a new one up after how yesterday turned out.  Rather, there may be one already one out there, but there’s gotta be one about how every apple tree has a bad apple. 

 When I first moved to Ulsan and for the 3+ months I lived there full time and the 3 months I lived there part-time, I always thought it had the friendliest people in all of South Korea.  Well, I went out to eat crab last night with my good friend Young-eun yesterday and the first thing we find when we get there in the busy district is an empty restaurant — we should of probably figured it out right then that we shouldn’t have walked into the doors.  However, she looked it up on the Internet and it seemed to be fine.  We asked for a recommendation on how much was a reasonable amount to order.  First, the owner wasn’t the friendliest to start off with, but secondly, she recommends 2 kilograms of crab for 2 people since 1 kilo could never feed 2 people.  At 30,000 won (about $30 US) a kilo, we think that’s a pretty pricey dinner when the average meal in Korea these days costs you about 3-5000 won a dish.  Yes, there are some meals that are pricier, but usually worth it or at least they either give you a lot of side dishes or a lot of extras.  Well, after they give us our first set of side dishes, Young-eun asks are there more and they immediately reply “sorry, that’s it.”  When they finally come out, they give us enough food to feed at least 5 people. 

So, on the flip side, they could of just gave us a lot less and we could of believed what they said, but if they really knew it was the amount they gave us, they just lied to us.  When another couple sat down next to us, Young-eun couldn’t resist the temptation to basically say out loudly that we needed a doggie bag, but instead of just asking for the trays to take it home, she said it was “WAY TOO MUCH.”  She also asks for the owner to reduce the bill at the end…that’s what I love about her…she’s so forward.

Anyway, we decide to go bowling afterwards.  Now, I understand bowling alleys aren’t always filled with your friendliest types, but when we approach the counter to get our shoes, the lady could of as well not worked there.  She turns around after staring at another game & basically gives us a look of disgust.  It’s like we didn’t deserve to be in the place of 8 lanes where 3 of them weren’t being used.  Not sure if she was the owner, but if she was, I’m thinking the place is going to shut down pretty soon. 

We move on to get our balls.  Well, I find one that fits my hand just right.  However, when I throw the ball for the first time, I feel a tug at my middle finger.  I looked down and it appears as if my finger was torn a little by the ball, but I thought maybe I just threw it a bit hard and let the edge of the hole just tug at my finger.  So, the second time, on the advice of the people next to us, I just “push” the ball.  No problems with the finger…  Well, then the 3rd time, I throw the ball, I use the same method as the first and I look down at my finger after I could of sworn it was being torn by the hole, I see a a 1/2 centimenter cut at the top of the finger and blood just oozing out of it. 

 Well, Young-eun says it’s probably just me not throwing it appropriately.  And I just go to the counter to get a bandaid or something to relieve it.  As evidenced before, I wasn’t expecting the best of service and the lady at the counter again said with displeasure on her face despite the blood pouring out that “we have tape and nothing else.”  After I go to the bathroom to get some tissue to cover it up, Young-eun finds that the ball had a gaping hole in the middle of the holes & that it was basically a defective ball that was actually pretty dangerous to use & was ready to give anyone a nice little laceration, if not worse. 

Well, in the “lawsuit happy United States”, I could of probably taken advantage of the situation.  However, in Korea, legal remedy is still a bit limited.  So, instead of complaining about it, we just bring up the ball to the counter & tell the lady to put the ball away for future use, but she responds, “What do you want me to do about it?” with disgust on her face again. 

I’m surprised we paid the 3500 won a frame for the 4 games we played there.  I did end up rolling one of my higher games in a while of a 161 with the taped up middle finger.  Maybe every cloud has it’s silver lining…

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