Need better management? Need more employees?

I hate picking on these guys, but I just have to.  I’d rather be ripping a hole into an unethical branch of our company (outside Busan, by the way) instead because I’m on fire right now about how bad they lie about things — even straight to my face.  I just can’t believe people like that exist on this planet.

Anyway, back to the original victims of this post.  So, I ventured into this place called Indian Village with 3 of my past coworkers, one of which still works with me.  We are in the mood for Indian food or just something good, but bypass our regular Turkish restaurant in front of Pusan National University because we’ve had it a bunch of times.  We heard about the Indian place from other teachers in CDI Busan.  Even though they didn’t have rave reviews, nothing was said that would scare us away.  The positive part of their comments was it was so cheap — that probably should of been hint number #1.  A couple of us were really hungry & so it made sense they were a little more in a hurry for the food.  So, they commented on how other tables were getting food or orders earlier than us.

Well, we had been sitting there in movie theatre seats (which literally they stole or swiped from an old movie theatre) for a good 15 minutes before we finally got some water.  Well, we though menus would accompany the water on this Sunday night, but instead we would wait another 15 or so minutes watching others get frustrated as well.  There weren’t more than 3 other parties in this restaurant and they were no more than 3 people — that was the biggest group.  We saw one of the workers come out to the table next to us that had finished eating to clean up the table.  He walked by us at least 3 times carrying back individual items like a glass and a fork or another glass and a spoon.  After the 3 or 4 trips, the table still was dirty with a couple glasses left on it, cloth napkins and the mess of food droppings.  We wondered why he wouldn’t finish off the table other than the fact that no one else would be coming in after seeing the type of service thus far.

After finally asking for menus since the Proprietor came by a second time to check on our orders — the first time was to make an apology about the delay — we look over the menus and salivate.  We wait another 15 minutes to finally order.  After our order, we banter back and forth about how long this place will stay in business.  Bear in mind, Korean restaurants typically return the order which is taken in literally the first 30 seconds after sitting down in about 5-10 minutes.  We had already waited 45 minutes to finally make our order & then waited another 45 minutes to have one dish after another come one by one with about 3-5 minutes in between each dish.  The portions also were a little funny to look at as well…the Tandori chicken only being one chicken leg (it was filling, wasn’t it Jen!?) and the rest being just about 3-4 bits of chicken in most of the sauce.  The naan wasn’t too bad, but I waited about 75 minutes before they finally brought out my jasmine tea as well.  The hillarious thing was it was 3000 won for a lipton tea bag & hot water — it usually takes someone 75 minutes to go buy one in the next city over…so that was our thoughts. 

Well, we paid & left..we’re thinking 3 months max…if they’re lucky. 

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