Business idea a minute…

Over the past 15 years, I think I’ve had about 172 business ideas I’ve thought about, but haven’t implemented.   A little over a dozen became a reality in the hands of others and some are still potentially million dollar ideas.  These days, I’m almost on the verge of starting something with someone…with the advent of blogging & getting paid to honestly be interesting online, I am starting a Top 10 Website of everything & anything that I can think of or know about….check it out at It’s in the beginning stages…definitely no content online yet, but a bunch of stuff behind the scenes in the works — meaning there’s rough drafts of lists already, but I haven’t published them yet because I’d like to do more background research on them.

 Anyway, so I always check out Alexa’s “Mover’s and Shaker’s” and I see #4 moving up 460% as this website called InXpo.  The details about it say: “InXpo is focused on driving business through interactive online events by changing the way you educate, network, and communicate with employees, customers, suppliers and members.”  I think to myself, “frick!” — another idea I thought about a while back in terms of social networking that I should of implemented when I thought it was possible.  Of course, I had ZERO…minus ZERO in capital & less courage at the time…now, I wish I just had more time.  I need to do more than this & I know my ideas are now getting validated right and left.  While this business wasn’t the exact concept, I know my concept actually has a lot of validity.  I wish I just had the time to write it down & get behind it. 

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