Liquids — stupid regulations at airports


OK, so my trip back to the States recently was a great one…not much in terms of the negative surprises that regularly haunted me back in Seattle for some reason or via travelling to my hometown. However, on the trip back to Busan, South Korea, after taking my belt off (watching my pants fall to my ankles), taking out the 8000 items in my pockets, taking off my shoes, taking out TWO laptops from my carry on bags (friends of mine from Ulsan asked me to bring back their laptop for them — which we wrapped up in cardboard & styrofoam that the airport security officials weren’t happy about) , and taking off every bit of metal off my body — I probably should of just took off all my clothes, I get the nice surprise in Narita/Tokyo from Security officers in their broken English that the bottle of scotch THAT I JUST BOUGHT ON THE PLANE FROM UNITED AIR has to be confiscated. I ask them “what the heck?” OK, I didn’t say “heck” let’s just say. I am very tolerant of almost anything these days, but why would I just buy it on the plane for them to take it away from me right away. I can’t even imagine what would go through the mind of other passengers who bought a much more expensive bottle.

Well, I walk down to the customer service desk which is lined up with people zig zagging at least for a wait of 45 mins or more. So, I see a United Air gal off the side about to shoot away & I just interupt her to ask for help. Fortunately, she doesn’t brush me off. She helps me at the security check, but she agrees with the officers after explaining to them what happened. However, after my arguing, she says she’ll meet me at the gate. Once she does, she says she just pulled an illegal act and that I can’t say anything about this (oops, did I just publish it?). Well, I didn’t say who she was & there are many other people at that desk & it could of been a man that I’m disguising as a woman in my blog, right?

Regardless, my long diatribe here isn’t to tell you that the airports suck or that United does — those are just givens…rather who would argue with these statements, right? However, I’m just tell you all out there to DOUBLE CHECK AIRPORT REGULATIONS before flying out these days & if you do buy liquids more than an ounce or something like that, you need to check with the people you get it from if it’s ok to take on the plane or through security. Also, you need to put the liquids in plastic bags or something like that…

Alrighty, a google of “liquids airports” gets me these helpful pages:

Transportation Security Administration’s current stand

Things you should know BEFORE boarding a plane

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