2 ideas that should be implemented in Korea

  1.  Int’l Software Testing (from the actual countries that consumers are viewing the websites)

So, I’m typing in http://www.real.com from South Korea and it “forces” me to go to the Real.com website for International sites which defaults to the host countries language.  How about all the expats who can’t read Korean?  You just ignored hundreds of thousands of potential consumers by not figuring out this flaw…not a difficult thing to change…but not an easy flaw to recognize from the U.S.  – perhaps have teams or testing from all the largest countries throughout the world.  The world is only becoming more Int’l…failing to account for this & the other languages could lose Real.com and other companies consumers.

2.    A company which francishes great Int’l (American or otherwise) restaurants into Korea.  More to write about this later, but there needs to be many more great restaurants imported into Korea.  Every single American franchise including Dunkin Donuts (yes, Dunkin Donuts!) has succeeded in this country.  Koreans have taste buds that would accept many more franchies:  a few that I know that would be successful here — Ivar’s (fish & chips), Pagliacci’s Pizza, Cozy’s (sandwhiches and soups), many of the popular soup shops, Qdoba’s, Chipotle’s, Thai restaurants (already a few here, but not as good as the many in the states)…

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