The beginning…

Soloosh will be the start of my documenting of my many business ideas & at some point implementation of these ideas into fully fledged businesses.

Soloosh is like the beginning of Solutions phonetically sounded out…since of course the “” would already be taken like Internet domains were taken many years ago.

I’ve had a fascination for creating business ideas ever since the beginning of the Internet boom.  I had some initiative to even create a business before 1993 with more offline solutions to business problems, but the interest grew even stronger with my Internet knowledge and understanding, along with the ease at which you can create businesses online these days in contrast to the old brick and mortar style of businesses.

I just reminded myself of an idea I had about 3-4 years or more ago about starting a business which would help manage their relationships.  It included my main business idea I’ve been thinking about creating and will likely try to start later this year called  Additionally, it included a scheduling tool which helped families keep on the same schedule as they got busier, along with a “goals” or “interests” management application which helped couples stay “in tune” with each other by setting up what they both want to achieve in the short, medium and long term.  It was a tool which basically helped keep both members of the couple not divert away from shared goals or interests.  It was a way of truly documenting things that are/were discussed between one another.  It’s like a way of managing “promises” made since we easily forget about things we talk about with one another, but having it documented makes it easy to recall what was agreed to before.

Other Social Relationships management tools that are being exploited by many Web 2.0 companies also were included in this company which created many relationship management applications for improving peoples’ lives.

Also, another business idea I’ve been thinking about lately is a company that either creates a better search engine than Google by taking it’s results & parsing them to have more qualified results.  It’s nice to have 12,000,000 results for a search, but we all know only about 5-10 of them are even worth anything.  There needs to be a way for people to waste less time when they search.  We — as a company that builds the better search engine — will develop better algorithms to get higher quality results.  It should be less of a game of SEM’s out there trying to get sites in front of consumers, but rather an engine for consumers to get more qualitative results.  Plus, with the advent of blogs and less reliable information, there needs to be a way for it to be verified — maybe a tool to verify information should be made as well?

If not a better search engine, the company could focus on being a consulting company which helps Google & other Search Engines truly help them become better search engines by finding out what consumers would like.  An idea that would be nice is perhaps a welcome screen which asks consumers do they want “all available results”, “results filtering out certain items”, “less commercial results”, etc.  The layout on how they return should potentially also be changed over time.  People don’t always think in a linear manner even though that’s what is returned.

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