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So, most of the search engine business out there is focused on how to optimize the results from a query from people throughout the world entered into a search engine. The result is hopefully, people click on businesses that want them to click on their websites so the business can hopefully make money over the long term.

However, the business is letting consumers come to them. How about paying consumers to let businesses find them? I was just looking at a report on one of my websites. One of the search queries which a person found one of my websites were: “kyopo import export business”. From what I can tell, there was someone out there either looking for Kyopo to start an import export business or somebody who’s interested in the topic. Well, I’m interested in the topic. What if I wanted to find that person who was making that query/search? Well, the people who make their queries will likely want to stay anonymous, but some do not.

For example, a person is looking for a job in Marketing. There are companies out there that need that person to find them. However, what if that person doesn’t find them. Well, the companies most likely have employees or principals who are aggressive or interested enough in the people who are looking for those jobs & will seek ou the person who was seeking the “marketing job.”

At the same time, to waste less time of the company who’s looking for the marketing person, they aren’t going to contact every single person who makes that query. However, if we put online profiles of everyone on the ‘net like we have on Friendster or MySpace, Facebook or what have you including LinkedIn, the company has a way to filter out those results. Over time, the company could even develop a tool which will look for key words through those many people making the results and save the company more time.

Also, on the search end where the consumer is searching for the marketing job in the first place, there will be options for the consumer:
1) Asks her/him if she would like to be found by advertisers or companies out there because of their search queries
2) Link their query to an online profile already created by one of the many social networks out there
3) Ask them what goal did they have in finding the results of the query — for a job, just looking (kind of like when you’re in a retail store & the clerk asks if they “can help you” and you just say “just looking” — in other cases, you have purpose & retail stores ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHEN YOU ANSWER LIKE THAT).
4) Etc.

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