2 things LinkedIn.com should have…

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) service would be a perfect service for LinkedIn.com Many people search out others to help them in business, but for proprieters or people who are trying to start a business, one of the main issues that they are concerned about is the protection of their idea. However, without knowing much about the “new contacts” people gain from the site, an NDA would be perfect for “strangers” to overcome the fear that one would have in sharing these new ideas. LinkedIn.com may become the new hotbed for future FaceBook.com’s, YouTube.com’s , etc.  After they implement this feature, I hope they throw a few bones my way, but I doubt they will…nevertheless, I felt the need to speak up.  An email to their help center probably would have less impact.

The second thing they definitely need is a search function which allows you to find services like the one aforementioned. Not only should LinkedIn.com have this service, but so should every Social Network including FaceBook.com, MySpace.com and Friendster.com. Most people don’t even know what’s available and it’s too complicated or not easy enough for people to find the services that are available. There should also be some interface that makes it easy to see what is free & what is not. There should be demos as well for people to understand some of these services.

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