The 3 F’s in Korea…

It shouldn’t have been any more special than any other Sunday today, but I realized that on this relatively “profound Sunday” there are definitely 3 prominent focuses Korean people place in their lives.  They are, in no special order:

1) Food

Instead of saying “How are you?” in Korea, many people will ask you if you’ve eaten today?  It’s more of a question addressing your health.  Koreans love their health & the health of their loved ones.

Today, I also was reminded of how important eating is in Korean society.  I went to a wedding today.  The first thing we did after getting off the bus shortly before the 1p ceremony was turn in our tickets to the Wedding hall staff and chow down on the buffet.  I wish I had a bigger appetite since they did have a bit of good food available. The big surprise though for the day definitely was that it was “before the ceremony.”  We could of booked before even watching the groom and bride take their vows.  Then again, maybe we didn’t get our tickets until we paid our “dues” or gifts at the front desks.  Koreans don’t mind money either.  Typically, instead of wedding gifts, Koreans bring an envelope of cash and drop it off at either the groom’s or the bride’s designated table where they collect your money & record it.  It is sketched in stone how generous or frugal you were with their gift on this momentous day.

2) Fashion

The whole place was well dressed.  Koreans enjoy and appreciate their fashion.  However, I don’t know if this falls under “fashion” or under “vanity”, but since we’re talking about “f’s” today, I decided to place it under fashion.

Anyway, in front of me were definitely the friends of the young groom and bride.  All these well dressed and groomed young 20 somethings were giggling and having a good time.  The girls typically pulled out their makeup mirrors or whatever you call them to check on their faces — that was no surprise.  However, when the guy who definitely seemed to care about his hair almost as much as the groom did today pulled out one of these makeup cases/mirrors and started to powder his face.  He appeared to be heterosexual given that his girlfriend was right next to him.  However, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that in my life.  I know there are metrosexuals out there in life, but is this classified as “metro?”  Well, that’s my first witnessing of a metro, if that’s the case…

3) Fun

I can’t get the dang driver of my Korean made cell phone to load the photos and a great video I have of the 6+ bus ride back home.  However, the people in the bus (most of them between their mid 40’s and mid 50’s) were rocking the bus (literally) by jumping up and down and dancing to the 8 million decibel Korean music from the 70’s with a discotechqe beat to it.  Usually, it’s the older folks telling the younger ones to calm down and relax, but this 6+ hour bus ride was one of the longest in my life — not because of the time, but because 80% of the 6+ hours was spent trying to find a way to sleep through all the ruckus or create earplugs out of toilet paper to drown out the noise — not much luck, let’s just say.  I haven’t been this annoyed watching people dance…part of the reason of course was because several crushed my feet with their dancing, some of them accidentally smacked me in the head  and a few “friendly ladies” kept rubbing their butts up against my back while getting their “groove on.” 

Two other “f’s” get honorable mention as well.  The first is “family.”  Koreans really have a great sense of “family” and we should include “friends” in this too.  They love and cherish their fellow Korean.  The treat them with the highest regard and should be credited with having some of the biggest hearts out their in the world.  I do have to admit, sometimes it seems like they go above and beyond to prove it or show it, but down deep, there is really a deep sense of love for their friends and family. 

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