Too much information…

There’s so much I want to read. I just clicked on a Google Adsense link/advertisement to a story about how Asia is linked tightly with the Middle East. While perusing through the article, on the side of the article in Businessweek, there was a list of “Top emailed stories”. Well, that caught my eye & I started to click on articles. Of course, I surfed away from the original article and also I don’t have much time before I have my next meeting. So, I just thought, there’s gotta be a way to manage the information we want to read for later. I mean Since it’s from a magazine…chances are I may never see it again without wasting time looking for it again.

So we need:

Something to manage a list of things we want to read. It could list the title, source, places where I can get it later, date, date found, and a bibliography of the sources in the article (to help us gauge the quality of the article). I was reading something recently (I believe from the book “The Secret”) that we have 60,000 thoughts a day. 59,999 of these are getting thrown away because we don’t have something that can literally keep up with us. ^^

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