Info manager

…or maybe we call them PDA’s.  I don’t think we’ve gotten them to the point where it’s easy to store our constant ideas we generate and easily catalog them away for easy retrieval later on.  Like I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I was reading we have 60,000 thoughts daily (from I believe a book called “The Secret”).  A lot of those thoughts are wasted away since we can’t file them away anywhere for later retrieval.

While the PDA will probably morph into something more advanced and simple for us to place away those thoughts, we also need applications that probably can help us recall them visually as well.

Some web apps that we may consider also placing on PDA’s and perhaps could be good for retrieval as well are the following:

Whatever method we use, we should probably find some way to manage the many thoughts we have, the information that is nonstop throughout the web and the constant things that come at us daily including all the people we meet. We can probably leverage that to make more important decisions via wiser actions and more educated thoughts.

We really need these “info managers” not only for our personal lives, but very importantly for the workplace. I can imagine some device we carry around at work we plug into our desktops. Perhaps the laptop is serving the function to a considerable extent — like the tablet PC, but we’re still a ways away.

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