Norton Antivirus & Symantec need to reported to the public as thief mongering greedy *(&**%$&*

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I really can’t believe the people at Symantec. I have their Norton Internet Security and Virus protection. I’ve been trying to figure out why my computer’s been so slow lately & decided to peer into all the different applications running on my computer. I check out each running .exe(cutable) file in Task Manager & find this weird filed called “cds.exe”

So, I Google it and get this:

cds.exe is a process which is registered as the Backdoor.Spymon Trojan. This Trojan allows attackers to access your computer from remote locations, stealing passwords, Internet banking and personal data. This process is a security risk and should be removed from your system.”

Well, all I have to say is that I need to get rid of it. I use my Norton Antivirus which I use constantly & it failed to protect me. So, I think I can use it to remove it, but noooooooooo, it only finds one other spyware app that it removes which reappears constantly. Like the good that piece of junk software does.

So, I hope they can redeem themselves via their support & I talk to their “online support” and the following conversation occurs.

Chat ID: a92cd46b-ec1d-4f2d-894e-23897cf8885a
Problem : can’t get rid of cds.exe
Tebby: Hello Mr._Brandon. My name is Tebby.
Tebby: Welcome to Symantec Virus & Spyware Solutions.

Is this the first time you are contacting us or do you have a Case Number?
Mr._Brandon: yes, it’s the first time
Tebby: May I verify your name as Brandon for our records?
Mr._Brandon: yes
Tebby: May I confirm your email address as and direct phone number as 223-555-1263 , am I right?
Mr._Brandon: yes
Tebby: Also, please provide your alternate phone number for quality assurance?
Mr._Brandon: it’s in Korea
Mr._Brandon: do you want that?
Tebby: Yes Brandon.
Tebby: May I place you on hold for 2 minutes while I research on this issue?
Mr._Brandon: 123-123-4567
Mr._Brandon: sure
Tebby: Thank you for staying on hold.
Mr._Brandon: sure
Tebby: May I know which country you are connected from and please let me know which Symantec product you have and its version year.
Mr._Brandon: sure. It’s Korea. I bought it in the U.
Mr._Brandon: S.
Mr._Brandon: I need to check on the version year
Mr._Brandon: it’s norton internet security suite
Mr._Brandon: Norton Internet Security 2006
Mr._Brandon: I have 378 days left on my subscription
Tebby: Thank You for your patience.

Your Case Number is 420130513 . Please make a note of it for future reference.
Tebby: As I understand your issue, you are unable to get rid off cds.exe. Am I right?
Mr._Brandon: exactly
Mr._Brandon: everytime I check out the task manager, it’s there
Tebby: Do you suspect any virus in your system regarding this issue?
Mr._Brandon: well, I researched it & it is supposedly a trojan worm
Mr._Brandon: not exactly excited this pops up each time
Tebby: Do you receive advertising pop ups or nasty pop ups in your system?
Mr._Brandon: once in a while
Mr._Brandon: but nothing special
Mr._Brandon: the problem is that I’m worried about the research says my passwords can be stolen via the worm/virus
Tebby: Ususally this issue with you occurs when the system registry or system files of the system is infected by some kind of Spywares. I hope you are aware that a Spywares can spy on your personal data such as passwords, credit card details etc. and give it to hackers who created it. Responding to this pop ups could enhance your virus infection.
Tebby: What the Spywares do first is to infect the system files and system registry. Later on it can even corrupt the operating files and the security system too. These threats should be removed from system registry. We will also have to remove the files executed by the threats.
Mr._Brandon: so, what should I do?
Tebby: Please do not worry, considering your system status, I can connect you to our expert technicians. They have the option to take Remote Control of your computer, if needed and if permitted, later they will diagnose your computer using advanced tools and remove the threats manually using advanced trouble shooting steps. You can view them troubleshoot on your computer. So it will be like an educative session more than trouble shooting. Once the trouble shooting is done they will also provide you expert advice that can help you prevent your computer from future attacks.
Mr._Brandon: alright
Tebby: I would like to inform you that this is a paid consultation service.
Tebby: Premium Consultation ? Our expert consultants will do a complete diagnosis of your system, and troubleshoot the malware on your computer. If required and if your system permits they can connect to your computer remotely and do all this for you directly.
Tebby: Premium Consultation ? Our expert consultants will do a complete diagnosis of your system, and troubleshoot the malware on your computer. If required and if your system permits they can connect to your computer remotely and do all this for you directly.
Mr._Brandon: so, are you saying I have to pay for this?
Mr._Brandon: I would say this is odd…since I paid for the software & it can’t fix my viruses
Mr._Brandon: so, actually, I would think this is INCLUDED in my services
Tebby: When you purchase the product, the cost of the product is for the software, updates to the software and for the virus definitions. Apart from this, there is an additional charge for value added services.
Tebby: As I informed, these infections get infected in the system registry or system files in the first case. In case a very important windows files is infected and if norton deletes it the whole windows system could malfunction and that is why the operating system denies access and Norton does not delete the file.
Mr._Brandon: welllllllllllll, the problem is the software isn’t even doing the job it WAS SUPPOSE TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE
Mr._Brandon: if this is how norton tries to make money by not fixing the problems they purport to fix with their software & upsell “premium services”, I will never buy the software ever again
Mr._Brandon: this is incredibly unethical
Mr._Brandon: the software is suppose to remove the virus
Mr._Brandon: it doesn’t EVEN DETECT THE VIRUS
Mr._Brandon: even though it’s really easy to find in the registery
Mr._Brandon: task manager, as well
Tebby: The system itself will deny access for the Norton to detect or delete the infection because the deletion of the infection from those areas could result in the malfunctioning of the whole system.
Mr._Brandon: the virus isn’t even something Norton knows exists
Mr._Brandon: so are you saying Norton can’t even do the original job it was suppose to do?
Mr._Brandon: are you saying that viruses are smarter than norton?
Mr._Brandon: again, what’s the use of having ANTI-VIRUS software, if it can’t do the “ANTI-” part
Tebby: A virus cannot enter a system without the acceptance of the administrator of that system. If you enter to any insecure websites or perform any download of insecure programs, then there are more chances of getting a virus in your system. The Norton software cannot overrule the administrator’s deeds in the system.
Tebby: Do you wish to use the support we provide?
Mr._Brandon: i told you no
Tebby: If you need to contact “Symantec Virus & Spyware Solutions” again please use the link below:

It has been pleasure assisting you. Thank you for using Symantec. Have a great day ahead!!
Tebby: Please click on End Session.

So, I realize it’s a “racket.” They are trying to upsell us consumers things they can’t fix with their software that they already made money off of us which was suppose to protect us from the stupid viruses that are out there. If they can’t fix, remove or detect the viruses already, what’s the use of buying their software? Ohhhhhhh, as the rep tells me and doesn’t even try to assist beyond upselling and pulling “canned replies” from his database, they can only help me “at a cost.” As you can read, it’s probably some Indian c.s. rep Symantec outsourced if you read his reply somewhere after the first few lines. You can tell s/he doesn’t know his plurals vs. his singular words which is typical when English is a 2nd language or foreign language learned in the foreign country.


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2 responses to “Norton Antivirus & Symantec need to reported to the public as thief mongering greedy *(&**%$&*

  1. cdmarion

    I’ve used Zone Alarm pro together with System Mechanic since the products came out. System Mechanic has a virus/spyware program that is nearly the bloated, pathetic beast that Norton’s is. I had similar problems with Nortons only I lost everything and I mean EVERYTHING….on my harddrive because of that program. I sent the drive in for repairs after installing Nortons AV because regardless of what I tried I couldn’t boot the computer…and I’ve been using Macs/PC’s and every operating system under the sun for 20+ years…never have I been so frustrated than with that piece of crap software….and their “support”.
    My advice…get rid of it. Never use it again…and never buy another Symantec product. USELESS!

  2. ali mustafa

    NEVER repeat NEVER buy symantec products they dont work and they offer you crap support, they dont understand english, you have to repeat a dozen times, and they put you on hold every 30seconds so that they could look in the dictionary to pronounce their words, they are rip offs. And all this costs you about £1.50 per minute. Total con artists. USELESS I am about to publish 10,000 leaflets that will tell people to be aware by these con artists.

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