Blogs are a powerful medium for communicating problems

So, the day after my last post about Norton Antivirus complaining how Symantec needs to screw their head on straight, I get an email from some Escalation officer who says they need to solve my problem all of a sudden.  Fascinating…

Well, the guy didn’t end up helping me out, but rather sending the job over to their Korea outsourced division.  The people in Korea were incredibly quick on delivery, but their response was to basically uninstall my Norton Software from 2006 and install their version for 2007 temporarily, resolve the problem, and then put the 2006 version back on.  Does this mean they can’t fix it with their old software?  Why doesn’t my subscription include access to their 2007 software?  I guess they need to put more money in the CEO’s pockets or something. 

Maybe the CEO will email me now since I made a crack at him/her? 

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