Hey boys…

Who knows if the traces of these pages will be available when you guys are old enough to read this & even understand it, but what the heck…I’ll start writing some thoughts to you.  You both were born into an interesting time.  Your mom and I weren’t destined to be together for the long haul, but we were SO (I mean, so, so) lucky to have you two.  I feel bad.  I’m not with you guys each weekend.  I’m not with you guys during the week.  Your English is getting weaker, but I do realize your Korean is so much better than I ever wished I could speak or comprehend the language. 

Right now, Dad is doing his best to try and build up a financial base so that when you guys are old enough, I will have enough to help you with your college or with your weddings, if you choose to get married.  I’d like to also be comfortable enough that I can help you multiple times trying to do several different things in life.  I’m not planning on supporting you to create a crutch in your life, but rather I’d like to be that parachute in case things do go wrong.  I probably will try not to tell you about it & try to surprise you when you’re not expecting it.

I want to also help you despite not being with you guys constantly.  I’m hoping I can help you build the basics so you can go to a decent college at some point.  One piece of advice that I didn’t heed when growing up was getting a degree at a “well known” institution.  It’s not because it will help you succeed in life, but rather it will help you “open doors” and give you the proper connections it will take to be successful in any endeavor you choose to seek.

I’m curious what you guys will become, but even though it’s a commonly used saying, I simply want you guys to be “happy” in life and have as little stress as possible. 

The world is a crazy place.  It’s good, bad and many other things.  You’ll have a number of challenges to overcome like the environment, political battles, financial struggles and much, much more.  However, at least life won’t be boring & honestly, that’s what makes life so worth living. 

I love you guys so much.  I wish I could show that more to you in your earlier years.  I feel like I’m repeating what your grandma and grandpa did to your Uncle and I.  However, we grew up fine & I know you guys will. 

 Well, I’m going to finish up today’s first writing to you guys since there will be many more opportunities in the future, I’m sure.  I know one thing already and that is that I know I’ll always be proud of you guys no matter what you do.  I love you boys.



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