Similar to my friend Crystal’s wishes, I’d like to write someday some fiction and maybe some autobiographical work

…or tell them in the future via a novel or other medium…perhaps a blog wouldn’t be bad to publish them.  One of the ideas I was thinking of this past year was creating a story about a person who walked through an apartment building on a daily basis & the story played out about his boring life, but the doors he passed daily has some very “interesting” events going on “behind the doors.”  However, these stories would be unique to cultures like Korea or Japan.  While they would potentially be fictional, they could be based on stories that occur quite frequently in Asian societies.  They could be based on the news.

One example is like a CEO of a large group in Korea was recently prosecuted for hiring some thugs to beat up some room salon employees.  The employees supposedly treated his son or kids poorly and the Executive decided to take the law in his own hands and literally attacked these people “teach them a lesson.”  While the victims accepted the apologies afterwards, the gov’t seems to want to make an example of this person & prosecute him to the fullest extent possible.  The stories that could be told is how he “really deals in life” and how he became CEO.  Perhaps this one example of how he “deals with people” represents how he does everything in life leaving a trail of blood, pain and perhaps injustice on his way to the top.

It could be called “Office Tells” kind of like what they call large business like buildings that contain resident studios for many workers in the city.  They call them “officetels” in Korea because they can be an office in the day and a home at night.  Thus, the title “Office Tells.”

Some other examples could be:

  • struggling small family trying to make a living
  • loud, drunk old man who is vindicative against the world (like maybe Jack Nicholson’s character in “As Good as it Gets” with a Korean or Asian twist)
  •  a married businessman who stays during the week & travels home during the weekends
  • some college kid who likes the “nicer things in life”
  • in Korean, they are called literally “Alcohol house women” or “soohlr chibp” women.  They work in bars, massage parlors or other relatively seedy businesses that accept larger payments in return for anything from just the company of a lovely lady to full blown sex


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2 responses to “Similar to my friend Crystal’s wishes, I’d like to write someday some fiction and maybe some autobiographical work

  1. SKY

    Sorry…where do you find the time to write so much?

  2. I’m a fast typer. I got a lot of thoughts. I don’t like to throw them away. 🙂

    Anyway, it only takes me a few mins to throw these in…

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