Ideal Laptop

How many times do you start working on your laptop and think “Wouldn’t it be more comfortable or convenient if my laptop had XYZ?”  Laptops or notebook computers are great in that they are smaller and portable, but there are many things that allow us to be more productive and faster on a desktop — bigger monitor, bigger keyboard, better set up with the mouse…  If you want a bigger screen, you have to have a bigger monitor, if you want a better mouse, you can try one of about 10,000 solutions which haven’t got it perfect yet and if you want a better keyboard…well, you had better just suck it up. 

Laptops are also getting more feature driven or more handy like the tablet PC’s which are turning laptops into a modern day “true notebook” you can scribble on.  However, it’s still much heavier than a true paper notebook and so not many of us carry them around to scribble. 

Well, the thought here is to create a company that focuses ONLY on laptops and make them truly ideal.  Toshiba does make some great laptops and Dell is getting better it as well along with IBM consistently getting high marks (who knows how much this is influenced by the dollar, sign — side note), but no one really focuses on making it so convenient that we would rather do our work on our laptop vs. our desktop.  Honestly, it would ideally be better to work on the laptop for our shoulders or backs in the long run or our butts…so we can do it in bed or on the plane or whereever.  However, no one is truly focusing on this issue…perhaps I will? 

I would also like it to be customized to fit different people.  Some people have bigger hands, some people can’t type, some people hate the mouse and some absolutely can’t do anything without it, some need larger screens/monitors and others prefer many other things.  Well, there would be a division that focuses on the “customizeable” laptop which retains quality, but just makes it easier to use.  There would also be 3 to who knows how many sizes that would come with each version.  Remember, this company would focus on the long term and truly be the “Ideal latop company” and so it would have to sacrifice a little on margin by making so many versions of each laptop & would have to become a master of inventory management or being able to build them quicklly after having them customized — Dell did it to a significant extent, why can’t we? 

I also had thoughts of integrating all the modern devices of the world to snap into this laptop so it truly is a super machine.  The cell phone, the PDA, a form of a tablet that snaps off, a pen or two, your glasses, your keys, and multiple other things that reside in your laptop bag.  Have the laptop either be indestructable or have a very convenient case around it — have it (& maybe the case) be the only things you carry around to be productive & able to open the door to your home or  your car.  🙂 

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