I’m valuable

So, this isn’t some “Stuart Smiley” or self motivating saying I need to say to myself, but I just realized something interesting.  The only times I seem to get into conflicts with friends and family is when I don’t spend time with them.  Recently, it’s been a struggle for me to spend time with both because I’ve been focusing on trying to “build a future” very seriously.  My parents finally understand, but I do get a decent amount of flack from friends, coworkers or even family other than my parents for not being around.  Well, it’s definitely not intentional, but they always seem to get offended anyway.  I can understand, but if they truly love me or appreciate me, they would understand.  It’s not like I’m out there cheating millions and millions of people with my time or spending it trying to make the world worse. 

What made me realize this is that my CEO and my boss elevated me to a higher position in the company and had a lot of admiration of my abilities, experience and potential to help the company.  However, he’s been very busy running the company lately and not able to meet regularly.  I keep on telling him we should meet & he keeps on agreeing, but failing to meet.  He is more combative than in the past about all issues that I raise.  At the same time, every time we have a sit down, he is appreciative of me again and supports me on almost everything I say and do.  Other members on the Executive staff also always seem to enjoy talking to me about how to improve the company and appreciate who I am when I spend time with them.  When I’m busy elsewhere or when they are doing something in another branch which takes our regular time spent together, they act a little funny.

My boys don’t get to see me that often.  For that, I’m very sorry.  However, they do always want me around.  They always wonder when I can spend time with them.   Well, sons, I will be there and you will be with me soon…please just wait.  You guys, I value more than anything I do.  However, I need to focus on building a financial base for all of our futures. 

Anyway, it was just something I realized today.

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