A personal storage website keeping all your private info/passwords/etc.

Eventually, there has to be implementation of this idea is about keeping all the private information you have like ids and passwords or your bank accounts or credit card accounts so whereever you go, the information is all there.  It’s too hard in this day of having to sign up for everything to get access to it.  The “giving away things for free” business model is applied to almost every website these days and so you have to register in order to get the freebie.  Nevertheless, having one id and password is probably an insecure way of keeping track of them.  Thus, having one is probably a huge need. 

One site is already doing something similar, but I think this could be refined: www.webasyst.net

Things you may want to protect or have in this website or application are:

  • ids/passwords for websites
  • account information for all accounts held (bank, credit cards, etc.)
  • facts & info that you might find handy
  • personal contacts (plaxo.com, ACT)
  • past work information
  • resume
  • journals
  • ideas for businesses, scientific ideas, predictions
  • stock recommendations
  • websites you like (like del.icio.us)

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