Hella impressed…

So, I just stumbled on this site: http://backpackit.com

After looking at the parent company, I see it’s also the same company that produced Ruby on Rails.  If you’re watching any development or somewhat connected with what’s going on with Web 2.0 and other recent projects that are going to be the size of Facebook or YouTube, you’ll know Ruby on Rails has been spread around the ‘net lately.

Anyway, I decided to email the founder.  It goes a little sumtin like dis…

“Wow, shit, damn…

OK, I’m sorry for using a little French here, but I just “Stumble(d) Upon” your website (if you can excuse the pun).  After seeing it and all the products you guys are producing and have produced, I gotta say simply “Thank you.”

I just signed up for Backpack & will keep an eye out for the other products you guys produce — already have seen Ruby on Rails everywhere I look.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t find a link to “jobs” on your site.  Are you guys not looking?  Too much demand for your jobs?  Well, you can see from my “private communication” to a friend, I’m impresed in the 30 seconds I’ve seen everything which is how much time you have honestly when it comes to today’s consumers & business people  — OK, I admit it was more like 10 mins because I liked the stuff, but if you don’t capture their attention initially, you’ve lost an opportunity.

So, I’m writing for a few things: 1) Jobs, 2) to identify it wasn’t easy finding you guys.  So, what does that mean?  It means your marketing is still “developing” if I can say it in a nice way.  How did I find you guys?  I was looking up “Personal Database” and then finding links to “Personal Information Manager” and finally landed on you guys.  Agreed, you guys are on the first page of Google results, but why haven’t I heard of you guys up until now & I feel as if I’m constantly exposed & connected.  Why haven’t you guys signed a marekting deal with Facebook – maybe you have?

Sorry to the CMO & no offense to her/him, but just a little frustrated I haven’t found you guys until now. PIMs on this level (backpack, that is) truly are needed for the world, I think — or us leaders.

Finally, the last reason I’m writing is because I come up ideas constantly & they’re mostly good.  I realize this is a little cocky saying this, but understanding from the consumer perspective and also having the wisdom of someone seasoned (in business) in various sizes of orgs and different parts of the organization, I really feel like I’m in touch with almost all end/sides/places.  So, I come up with ideas constantly.  I’m currently in the process of developing a Wiki for Asia — and potentially the whole world.  I know it seems like a recycled and uninteresting idea, but if you heard my spin on it, I think you’d be impressed.

Well, you’re busy, I’m busy.

So, I’ll cut it off here, but seriously, if there’s any chance to collaborate with you on a higher level, I would appreciate it.  If it’s just a forward to your HR dept, I can respect that too, but I think you’ll truly miss out on some incredible profit generating opps moving forward.  For a little insight in how I think, visit http://soloosh.wordpress.com & I’ll attach a resume for the heck of it. (Site is now dead, btw, I integrated it into this site.

I realize that the language is a little “personal” and I don’t even know you, but I wanted to show you the “real me.”  If you don’t like it, oh well…

Good luck Jason!  (if I don’t hear from you again — I guess it would be if I never hear from you 😉



Anyway, I’m impressed & if I had a bit of money to put down on an Internet bet, I’d put it on this one.

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