OK, this may not be one of the most positive contributions to society, but it may piggy back on the idea that people like to watch random videos of people doing stupid stuff.

The business concept is basically giving out relatively inexpensive “covert glasses” people wear around in their public lives.  Video can be taken of all the events that happen in their life.  We all see some crazy stuff & for everything they see that may be “interesting,” they can edit it & upload it to the site.  Some people may even consider putting the whole day on the video or maybe just their work day?  Maybe some will upload videos of a hillarious or crazy experience at the bank or with a loan officer.  Some may have some crazy experiences at the supermarket or maybe at work with their boss?

Anyway, I’m sure there will be things they will capture we’ll find interesting.  I could do this, but I have way too much going on right now to pursue this or the other ideas here.  I may pursue them, but the whole reason behind blogging these or sharing them with you all is because it’s not the idea that matters…it’s the execution of the idea and the constant upkeep of the business that matters.  You also need to constantly adapt to consumer needs and societal standards  So, it’s not just the idea, but they aren’t a bad place to start. 

p.s. If you or anyone decides to make a site or business around this, please recognize you’ll have to deal with all the privacy concerns and issues that may arise from this.  I don’t think Moore or Cohen had too much of a problem…so maybe this wouldn’t be bad either.  I think they may people sign release forms though…kind of hard making people sign release forms when they don’t know you’re watching them.  However, are public events in the private domain?  Something to ponder….

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