This definitely doesn’t help my image, I’m thinking…

An article titled “Drinkers in Korea Dial for Designated Drivers” was published a few days ago.  There are an estimated “100,000 replacement drivers that handle 700,000 customers a day across the country,” according to the article. 

I guess it’s not a bad job…financially, that is.  The median income in South Korea is $24,500 a year (34th in the world) according to  These guys who drive around drunks for a living make $2400 a month putting them $4300 richer than the average South Korean. 

The irony here for me is that I don’t drink (at least about 99% of the time).  I occasionally drink a glass of wine or a bottle of beer.  It’s sort of hard to when the Godfather of your kids is a winemaker for one of the best wineries in the U.S.  Also, my grandfather was an alcoholic.  ^^

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