“Back to the drawing board…” Volume I

Basically, I was thinking about the “Verification Systems” that most companies use when signing up for new accounts or making posts on Wiki or another publicly available CMS or other public collaboration. Well, I was wondering why they couldn’t just display a color and then have the user type in the color of the image. So, if it was red, obviously, you type in “red.” However, you don’t spell red in German “r-e-d” — I believe it’s “rot” or something similar. So, the color or image thing actually is defeated by globalization. At least with the jumbled up characters, people know in almost any language you’re just writing that into the verification box. The only caveat I would say is that sometimes the directions are in English for a foreigner. However, I think it’s becoming a standard for people that don’t even speak or read it can probably understand what they have to do. It’s become uniform.

So, back to the drawing board with this idea. Rather, some might just say “duhhhhhh”…some may not & that’s why I’m going to put it in the category of “back to the drawing board instead for learnings. I think we need to learn why some things are implemented and others are not. Some people say I have a knack for explaining it — thus, the posts. Happy surfing!

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Filed under Bad ideas, Undeveloped ideas, Website tools

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