Busy building Asia’s information portal…

Sorry for the lack of posts here. I’ve been busy building the site http://Korpedia.info It’s my latest and greatest idea which will be a part of a family of websites that do similar things for different countries. However, I want to focus and make this a hit. Right now, I have a few people who are semi-dedicated, but the list is building & I’m hoping to have at least a thousand articles by the end of the month. The run rate on this will be much higher than I’ve seen others producing other wikis.

I started this 8 days ago and so far I have 330 pages where 187 are probably legitimate content pages. There have been over 1151 page views (probably 1/3 is from the creation of them). We have 10 users (I wish we had more than this), but it’s o.k. because most people like to be anonymous when posting. We’re fine with that.

I’m also building a parent company for this called Behind Everything LLC. The goal is to create many projects and businesses with the team’s support & have small teams of 10 or so that operate almost independently & own their project. They also get to share resources provided by the main company & also get traffic traded from the main traffic to bolster their site. They get advice & mentorship from people who have worked for a long time in the business, they get extra tools & help in literally growing their business & the only cost to them is work & time. We pay for their hosting, their domain names, etc. if we approve their idea. We’ll actually have a bunch of ideas ourselves that we don’t have enough time to dedicate, but they can run with … so there are just a huge number of opportunities.

It’s exciting! I’m tired, but it’s really exciting! Help me not get burnt out 😉

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