“Get a room!” I mean, “Get a bathroom!”

Alright, I just got back from a run at 3:30a … which is crazy in itself, but those are my hours here in South Korea.  I regularly go to sleep at 4a to as late as 6 or 7a.  I hate when I do, of course, and I’ve been feeling a little heart tension over the past few months.  I’ll keep on taking my mom’s heart tablets and hope that helps.

However, I had to write one more entry before going to sleep tonight. I was running up & down this hill near my condo (we call them “officetels” here in Korea). On the way down, I noticed this guy standing next to a tree. Yah, you guessed it, he was urinating on it … hmmmm, so he could fertilize it? No, he was just too lazy to go & find a bathroom.

I rarely diss or complain about this country these days even though I know it’s not the cleanest in the world and many people drink until the wee hours of the night. At the same time, this urinating in public places has to got to decrease eventually in this country. To get the the 1st world fully developed status, they MUST do this.  Come on buddy, “Get a bathroom!”

Alright, back to work…

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