What Judy’s Book and Tribe should of been…

I always try to print out a few articles to read on the train to work or home.  So, I usually print them from Business 2.0, Fast Company, or Inc. because I’m all about entrepreneurism.  I love creating new ideas and I have wishes to help improve the world with them.  Regardless, it’s what makes me happy.

This week, I printed an article from Fortune magazine titled “Business paradigm shifts and free tequila shots.”  I had no idea what the article would be about, but I’m glad I read it.  It helped me discover yelp.com  This site is what  a site in Seattle called Judy’s Book (which has since changed business models – now providing deals from businesses around you) and Tribe.net (which has focused on the San Francisco market only) tried to do: create reviews of services and products of businesses all over the U.S. and probably in the world later.  People not only write reviews, but they also socialize & network like Facebook.com  I guess the question is if Facebook.com ends up gobbling these guys up — I don’t think Yelp is profitable yet — while I think Facebook is.  Then again, maybe Google with gobble them up and make them go “Yelp!” 

Anyway, I just joined.  So, why don’t you join & add to my network of friends.  Unfortunately, I only have 0 friends right now.  While it doesn’t matter for my ego, it may be helpful to know what others think & eventually I’ll be able to get some good advice & receive some as well.  I think my public profile is “Brandon N.” Oh, by the way, I just wrote 4 reviews of Rudy’s (hair salon), World Wrapps (restaurant), Pagliacci’s (restaurant) and Dukes (restaurant). 

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