activeCollab — o.k. now I’ve found something better than backpackit

I haven’t been more impressed with a Collaboration tool than I have with activeCollab found here:  I discovered the tool after signing up for 37 Signal’s BackPackIt tool for 3 months — boy, I wish I would of waited on paying that fee to 37 signals!  BackPackIt is a good tool, but against a free application like activeCollab, it fails hands down.  I mean, activeCollab has more features from what I can tell & again, the price tag?  FREE….can I repeat it again?  FREE, FREE and one more time for the record FREEEEEEEE!

You just have to install it onto your website for people you are working with on a project or business & it’s incredible.  It’s relatively young in development & so it still has a ways to go, but it’s great for one of the first releases.  It hasn’t even gotten to 1.0 & it’s pretty decent.

Anyway, this is my plug for the tool…so they get more support & I get more features later on.  No affiliate marketing here…not a single penny earned, but honestly, I’d invest if I had the money.  Some day I may since I can use their tool to build them.

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