“Send that order up to Room Sh*t, Sh*t…

“No, seriously, I want you to send it up to room shit, shit…”  So, I literally could say this when ordering food from any of the local restaurants.  Let me explain why…

I was reminded of the humorous nature of my condo unit number (“officetel” is the literal Korean name for condos) while going to the dry cleaners today.  I live in unit 1818, which is pronounced “Ship-pahlr, Ship-pahlr” if you just say “18-18” in Korean.  However, the word if said very fast sounds like “shit” or a profane Korean phrase that means basically “shit”, but with even more significance.  You don’t want to be using that word unless you REALLY are angry at something.  It’s not as casual as we say “shit” in America. 

Nevertheless, I got a little giggle out of the dry cleaning owner when I told her where I lived: “Unit ‘shit, shit’ … 

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