Facebook helping the world come together as one?

So, I reconnected with a friend and past coworker of mine in Italy a few days ago.  She invited me into her Facebook group of friends because she saw our other mutual friend/coworker’s wall (whiteboard online) where I wrote something joking to her.  Our other friend has “yet to get back to me” (hint, hint Jen ;), but it was great I posted there since I reconnected with this great person who had literally one of the biggest hearts I remember.

A few minutes before that, I was reading another post from my Indian Canadian friend who lives in France, I think married to an Italian…

I regularly talk to my friend in Sonoma Valley weekly & I’m here in Busan, South Korea.  She and I are working together on producing a blogging network.  Another friend of mine is available to talk about the big world of finance at any time and he’s only what….15,000 miles or so away from me in New York? 😉

On a side note that’s not due to Facebook, on a daily basis, I see people and get applicants from Australia, Thailand, Sweden, Germany, India, Pakistan, Venezuela, Ecuador, South Africa, New Zealand, Uganda, Nigeria, the Phillipines, a bunch from France, a lot from Canada and of course the majority from the states for our little group of schools in Busan.  They come to this website: http://cdibusan.com that I created a few  months back.  You can see it in the little application on the bottom right called Clustrmaps. 

p.s. the latency on Facebook is pretty bad these past few days though….that’s the only downside.  😉 

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