Too many crazy people today…

On my way to work, I sat across from what appeared to be two female Japanese tourists or students.  One may have been old enough to be the mother or older sister.  Nevertheless, while I was on the cell phone, an older crazy Korean gentleman got up from where he was sitting about 5 meters away and started yelling at them for what I can only estimate was due to past atrocities that their Japanese ancestors committed against his own ancestors.  While justified possibly in an open dialogue or place of respect, I have to say if I wasn’t busy and if I knew for sure what he was talking about or if I was more fluent in Korean, I would of either knocked the guy down, berated him as much as I could or tried to make him rational.

Of course, a guy like that would be next to impossible to calm down, but it was honestly just wrong.  There’s no need to do that.  I wish he would of thought it through — come on, but what are those Japanese women going to do?  Go back to their country and start demonstrating due to their immense guilt they felt after the crazy Korean yelled at them?  Chances are, they would probably instead feel that maybe their ancestors did justly suppress the idiotic Koreans who act the way this guy did.  If not, it didn’t help his past ancestors and probably just made the situation worse.

After I watched “May 18”, the movie about the Kwangju Massacre, I wanted to jump in the next taxi, pay him 200,000 won or whatever it would cost me and literally take out the past President who was responsible for the atrocities that were even more evil since they were committed again his own people.  However, I realized “what would the gain be if I did?”  Plus, I didn’t even begin to think about what he was thinking.  I will probably never admit he did something justified at the time, but he did what he did for a reason.  We now have to do what we can to prevent that from happening again.  It’s all we can or should do.

The reason why I was reminded in writing this was because as I was walking to my cafe of choice here in Kwangali Beach to get my “Cheesy Chicken sandwich set” and Tunafish sandwich, some Korean guy was shouting out a bunch of profanity in front of a Chinese restaurant for absolutely no reason as if he was as crazy as the aforementioned Korean man who yelled at the Japanese women.  I know there are deranged or rather people with pychological issues, but why am I meeting them or “enjoying all their company” today?  I’m so lucky…  ^^

I guess I should thank them for blogging material…  ^^


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4 responses to “Too many crazy people today…

  1. erikkim

    I saw some crazy people too. ^^

  2. freedominfinity

    Hi lol… This is John from your master’s class.^^ I just visited here for fun here right now lol.. By the way my site is Visit some time for fun^^ See ya!! By the way, I’m still on my way on Jeon.^^

  3. SKY

    Are you sure one of they yelling men weren’t related to you?

  4. Ha ha funny boy….actually, I think the guy had a “Yi” on his name tag. I failed to mention that the first time around because I wanted to protect your interests, but them be fightin’ words…

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