A little Seattle or the west coast of the U.S. on South Korea’s East coast

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I just had one of the best weekends I have ever had here in South Korea. My company had a retreat for the Korean speaking staff out to this place I’m not 100% sure still where it was. I believe it was north of Pohang and the name of the area I believe is either Yeon-duk or Yong dok. It was about 3 hours north of Busan via Bus — the trip was 4 hours with traffic…on a Sunday night.

The views from where we stayed were very California-esque in appearance and relatively less developed than I’ve seen most coasts or beach like areas of South Korea. You still had your areas where too many businesses cannibalize each other, but the place we stayed … which I’ll try to post the Korean/Hangul and English versions of it here eventually … had amazing Northwest like modern wooden cottages to sleept in with a large building that reminded me of a lot of main buildings of lodges or clubs back in Seattle. It was about as large as most club houses in country clubs. It was almost as new with Karoke rooms and a Karoke stage and the whole shebang in the local area including a little mini golf driving range.

We also went fishing where the water wasn’t that bad. It may have been cleaner than the Puget Sound before I decided to let see if I could lure the fishies with my own batch of human moonshine for the aquatic forms of life. Actually, it worked — after my deposit to the sea, we doubled our number of fish caught in the last 40 minutes we fished. I caught a big whopping ZERO fishies and I’m pleading the “bad lure” excuse as to why I failed this fine beautiful September day. The boat ride to and fro was amazing…it was one of the best things I could ask for especially given all the stress to my heart these days.

To boot, we had more seafood than I’ve wanted to eat in a lifetime here in Korea…I will not being eating sushi via my choice any time soon…not that I ever did here in Korea minus a few times in Ulsan. The bus ride back home was your typical scream as loud as you can karaoke singing sessions for 4 hours where after 2 hours of failed napping, I decided to join them, since I couldn’t beat them by trying to drown them out with toilet paper in my ears. Oh, I forgot, but I got molested by 2 of the older guys on the trip claiming they “loved me” — I haven’t been more scared in my life.


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2 responses to “A little Seattle or the west coast of the U.S. on South Korea’s East coast

  1. SKY

    Yongduk is famous for it’s long legged crabs. Yummy….I remember it being very scenic there…or was it the Soju that made it seem so nice..hmmm..

  2. It was probably the soju…we had plenty of that as well. One guy forced me to one shot a mug of beer…well, you know me, so I was out for 15 mins after that. Not a bad place…saw a pretty nice golf course…maybe you and Stacy can retire there. ^^

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