A website that focuses on the lineage of people with the last name “Gates”

Well, we already know the most famous of “Gates” in the world who’s been dethrowned as the richest man on the planet: William Gates.  I’m sure most parents would love to have their kids be his protege.  I’m sure they’re curious what Bill Gates Sr. and his past wife did to raise such a genius of capitalism. 

However, when I was looking at a headline today in Yahoo news, I noticed his name which honestly I usually click on no matter what since his life is somewhat interesting to me as well.  However, it was actually the new Defense Secretary Gates…I’m thinking there are many other “Gates” who are famous and successful and if not, my web hosting service has a new tool that creates websites based on family trees or the history of them.  It would be possibly get a bit of traction if someone just ran with it like “famousgates.com”  — which happens to be available. 

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