Sumptin’ Betta or Just Too Much dot coms

So, I’m sure these are available, but someone may need to create or  Both would have similar themes for the websites.  Basically, there are new ideas and websites coming out as fast as we are drinking Starbucks lattes everyday.  However, the key for each of them, in my opinion is not duplicating what’s already out there or making sure they stick around.  People are just overwhelmed with all the applications that help us keep in touch with one another.  However, there is definitely a need for all the new applications, but how does one handle them?  Anyway, both websites potentially would help educate people on the benefits of what each new application/website can do for people AND may at some point just identify how much excess there is whenever something gets hot.

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Filed under Ideas for current companies, Startups, Undeveloped ideas

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