Wanna be a stewardess? Get in (the long) line…

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A minute before noon on my only day off during the week (I don’t know how I go crazy with just one day off, but its o.k. for now), I surf from writing my latest post here to my Mozilla browser to see that I set my home page that it loads to iGoogle.com — Google’s “all in one” starting page which currently I have a calendar, the news from the Seattle Times and the times of the day visually shown to me on a satellite picture of the globe — identifying the places that have sunshine and those that do not. Below my second middle column, I have a Top Stories widget which had a headline reading “Former Fed chair Greenspan criticizes Bush in book” which caught my attention.

I surf and read the story, but I can’t help to see the above picture with all the applicants wanting to be a stewardess. It’s not because I find them attractive, which many probably would, but it’s the fact that I remember acknowledging many times that many women in Asia want these positions thinking they are “well paid” positions that allow people to travel throughout the world. The young Asian women that complete college or many smart women want to become servants on the Boeing and Airbus ships in the air. It’s one of the prized occupations they think about after finishing college.

While I don’t know the exact statistics in the states, but I find that American stewardesses rarely are the young and talented, but usually the old and bored. Many are men and the demographic profile differs extremely. It’s fascinating to me, at least how these women find asking “Would you like a drink” or “Would like Beef or Chicken?” as a prized occupation. I know of many of their loves to travel, but how about doing it as a consultant where you get paid more and don’t serve others as simply? Just a random thought from Korea…

p.s. The picture is about Chinese applicants, but the same dynamics lie here in Korea.


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