After staying one night in Kangwon land

I have to admit, I’m a bit impressed..

Despite the crazy start to the holiday (in the last post), the hotel that we’re staying at is impressive.  It’s not the main hotel here near the casino, but a little ways away.  I think it’s managed by the same company, but haven’t checked into it.  It would rival many 4 star hotels and some 5 star hotels that honestly shouldn’t be in that category.  I would personally give it 4 stars because to be at 5 stars you can’t do anything wrong.

Nevertheless, why do I give the “High1 Resort” these marks?  The bedding and amenities in the room were great.  Not perfect, but had cable television, an incredible view that the friendly front staff gave to use even though we didn’t even ask, fluffy soft towels, your average, but decent enough shampoo and soap collection, slippers and a decent bathrobe.  The bedding was why I thought the room deserved a decent amount of credit — everything else was relatively average, but because the room was clean, I give it high marks.  The building resembles many northwest modern lodges that are relatively big.  It reminded me a tad of the lodge at Snoqualmie Falls and I used to be a member of Sahalie Country Club and it had a taste of that.  The place also was overlooking and next to a decent golf course which I didn’t ask too much about except how much it was to play and the front desk said 120,000 won on the weekdays and 170,000 or 190,000 won on the weekends.  It looked like a very nice course.

There were about 7 modern Samsung Internet PC set ups to use for free for guests to stay in touch with work, the breakfast buffet was enough to give me a bloated stomach after eating and dinner had enough choices for either the Korean or Western pallete.  Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t have soooo many choices that it would rival any of the best  hotels, but plenty and honestly was surprisingly good.   Perhaps it was my expectations, but I liked it.  I hope me being so positive doesn’t set your expectations up to high if you visit, but it was decent.

We also checked out like at 12:50p without even asking for an late checkout.  They didn’t even flinch and only charged us the 1 day rate.  The place was NOT busy at all.  You get service as if you were a king since you don’t have to fight with people in line.  I don’t know how old the facillity is, but it looks like it was only built in the past few years and so you don’t have to worry about things breaking down yet. 

The cons: The taxi fare from the main Casino about 15-20 mins away cost almost 12,000 won a pop.  The cheapest was about 10,000 won.  Fortunately, there is a shuttle, but for any gamblers who want to “really” gamble, you don’t stop at 12:00a when the last shuttle is to make sure you save 10,000 or more won on the cab fare.  However, the casino was SO busy that it was honestly too hard to stay sane, in my opinion.  Perhaps, if you’re incredibly focused, you can play, but I like to play without much traffic so I can focus on the game & don’t play everything single hand.  And when people are literally diving over your shoulders to place their bets, you get dirty stares from people acting as if you are taking up space that they would be able to use (and lose more money, to be frank).   There were free drinks though and it was self serve so no worries with the tips.

We’re here another day, but honestly, we can’t find much wrong with this place.   Oh, I just walked out & just ran back into to write this, but there’s a cable car up to the top of the mountain as well, just as a heads up. 

UPDATE:  So, we didn’t find much wrong with the hotel, but a c0uple things did arise after we checked out.  First, while the shuttle bus service is free, it’s a little unclear when and where it picks up.  We ended up having to run after buses which wouldn’t even stop even when the driver knew we were yelling at them to stop.  The bus drivers didn’t seem to care, but what’s new with that in any country, right?  The other problem is that we forgot to bring toothpaste with us.  We took the shuttle to the biggest hotel & the main casino in the area and asked if they had any stores near them like a hotel convenience store or whatever.   They said “no” and we had to wait another 3 hours before we could find a place to buy toothpaste.  Well, they had to suffer from our bad breath…so I guess it was their loss too.  ^^

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