Life delivers some of the most unexpected surprises…we REALLY feel for our coworker

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I don’t know her that well, but she’s very good friends with one of my Head Instructors who I think is the nicest guy in the world — and I’m serious, but I don’t think I’ve met a more understanding and nicer guy in my life…

Anyway, his friend got breast cancer and won’t be able to finish her contract. The cancer has already spread throughout her body and she needs to get chemotherapy ASAP. Unfortunately, it kind of puts us in a bind at the company/Academies, but we’re going to deal with it as well as possible. We have even decided to set up a fund on her behalf where the company will donate the first 100,000 won and I’m personally planning to donate 100,000 won to match it and hopefully more people will step to the plate.

She just paid $10,000 dollars this week in treatment and analysis. I’m not talking 10,000 won, but $10 gran, 10 G, 10 K, 10 big ones…and it was all her mom’s life’s savings. She now faces another 18 thousand dollars per month in chemo therapy back home. She has no savings. She’s been using her savings from her work here in Korea to pay for school loans back home. I feel for this woman who I subbed for a couple weeks ago.

Anyway, if you have any desire to contribute, please do comment here or email I think you would honestly feel good after contributing. We will be setting up all the official things eventually after the Chuseok holiday so people can potentially get tax deductions or records of their contributions.

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