Too much computer access in South Korea?

So, in the middle of the country where it’s hard to find convenient transportation minus relatively expensive tax fare, I can find internet access anywhere.  At the hotel yesterday we stayed at, there were 7 computer terminals with T1 or better access.  Today, we just checked into a hotel where if you pay $10 more for a night, you get a room with a PC and internet access for free.  Again, I’m thinking it’s T1 or better access…

Plus, before we found this place, we had a rough time finding where it was (the area where there are relatively inexpensive motels outside the main resort areas), so we walked down a pretty long windy hill not knowing where we were going.  We decided we couldn’t find it and called…the cell phone access is amazing no matter where you are in this country.  I’m thinking this is another reason why Korea will be developed throughout the WHOLE country due to the ability to connect anytime, anywhere…

The downside of our motel, it was pretty smokey and we had to switch a couple times before we found a room that was less smokey, but still smokey.  Also, when we turned on the TV, it was set to the local Korean porn channel and then the next channel we turned it to was the Spice Channel.  To some, this may be a bonus, but we’re now hoping we don’t find any stains in the sheets and are going to be a little more careful what we touch…I guess that’s the price you pay for less expensive lodging. 

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