Giving while living…from Korea, from anywhere…

Can’t remembered if I posted this because it’s a been a little rough on the brain the past few days with unpaid overtime and just a bit too much stress which I can’t explain today, but may a little later. Nevertheless, we set up this Cancer fund for a coworker of mine. Basically, what happened was a teacher I manage indirectly — I manage her boss and her best friend here in Korea is another manager I manage — well, she got breast cancer or was diagnosed as having such just a couple weeks out of the blue. She went up to Seoul immediately after to figure out what to do & thought she would be able to come back. She intended 100% to continue working despite any complications she may have had because she sorta needed the money for 1 and just wanted to finish the contract regardless. She’s a good person from what I can tell even though I’ve never met her in person…

Anyway, one of our best Directors in our company who I work along side decided he would give her the airfare back home despite her not finishing her full year. You see, our company pays about anywhere from $3000 to $5000 a teacher when they join in recruiting, training, transportation, lodging and many other little nickel and dime fees from our corporate headquarters. For a teacher to not finish their full year, we basically face a losing proposition. However, this Director along with our CEO deserve humanitarian awards for what they have done this past year. This is definitely not the first time they’ve decided to go to bat for the employee vs. the bottom line — the problem is that it’s not publicized and employees end up just trouncing on the company because they have no idea.

Nevertheless, I decide to up the ante and ask for her utilities to also be paid by the company and for us to start a fund which the company would pay the first 100,000 won (or a little over $100) and hope that many other people would match it. Well, in the first 2 days, we raised close to $1000 including what the company would pay into it, my matching contribution and great contributions from her friends and other teachers like one gentleman by the name of Jareb Steines who donated actually a little over 50% of this first 1k. Well, it’s not enough. The great thing though is that it was easy to set up a campaign like this We’re very lucky that the Internet has this capability.

Also, I pinged my friends/network on to ask if they knew of any applications or websites that could help publicize it and I got 2 great suggestions plus something that should of been obvious as well and I just want to post them here in case anyone ever has a similar need. I also found out the husband of a past coworker of mine got cancer as well in the process. It’s amazing how many people are getting hit by this terrible disease. The sad thing is that these people are so young. Anyway, the obvious solution was to check out the American Cancer Society — thanks Bobby! Brant Williams told me about a great website called JUST CAUSE which is at Glenda Bautista, a friend of mine now for like almost 10 years, told me about a great website called ChipIn at If I find more, I’ll post them here. Thanks a bunch you guys. You are truly amazing…

p.s. If you want to help an innocent person who really does desperately need your help, please do visit the above link to the Facebook link!

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