Biz Idea #7200: Publishing of Popular English Publications Abroad

Publications like Time and US News are WAY overpriced abroad. If people want to read them though, you have to pay double the price that’s paid at home despite all the profits they make off their advertisers.

If a company could set up a publishing house in countries where expatriates are of significant number, they could possibly publish all the main publications and books that are popular in the world in the local area and many people would be happy.  For example, TIME magazine costs 6500 won vs. the cover price in the states being $2 or$3 is hard to swallow.  The other option is to just look at it online, but there’s a lot of downtime on the trains, the buses, the subways, the airplanes and so it would be nice to have a hard copy format of these good or decent sources for news.  The problem is that you have to take out a mortgage every time you want it.  So, sometimes I just opt not to buy it.  I’m oh so close each time…the other sad thing is they make most of their profits from the advertisers anyway…so why do they need to charge so much abroad?

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