Business Intelligence between Friends

It will be called: bizin (BIz INtelligence)

As stated by Terry McGraw, CEO of McGraw Hill Publishing, on CEO Exchange, it’s critical to stay in touch with the events happening around the world. All of us are traveling down different paths and accordingly, we are exposed to many things the rest of us may or may not see or hear. At the same time, many of us also read, watch and hear some similar news as well from publications we all read which may overlap. Nevertheless, I was thinking we may as well take advantage of a free technology where we can share these tidbits of wisdom and keep one another in touch with the things happening around us as we get older.

So, I am creating this group called “bizin” and we will all keep each other up to date with what we know…our goal will be to submit 5 things a month that are different than one another. It’s a goal…not a requirement. There’s no financial or other incentive, but only our desire to contribute and gain from each others’ vast knowledge. If there is parasitic activity in the group, I will manage it. Otherwise, please join if you think you can share some ideas and news about things that may be helpful to one another & gain X times as much as you will be sharing.

What do you think?

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