Reminder: not everyone is so innocent and nice

While I didn’t get raped or abused today…and as a matter of fact, I had a nice massage at the bath house.  However, 1/2 way into the massage, the masseuse leans over and says “Didn’t we agree to do this for 50,000 won?”  I thought she was asking if I had gotten a massage from her before, which was the case, and retorted, “Yes, I did get a massage from you.”  My Korean still needs improving

She actually repeats, “Didn’t I quote you 50,000 won for this massage?”  Well, I knew he massage was only 30,000 won for 40 minutes from the last time she gave it to me.  However, I thought in the back of my mind, “What the heck is she trying to do here?”  Does she negotiate different rates for different people.  I realized when I first walked back into the facillity that she had a hard time recognizing me from the last time I dropped into their office.  I thought when she did a double take that she figured it out and remembered who I was — the Korean American who had weak Korean from before — the same Korean American who asked for a foot massage, but switched to a back massage in the middle of it because the foot massage was a little painful and I didn’t have much pain in my legs and feet anyway.

After I corrected her and said, “No, he massage is suppose to be 30,000 won,” she acted as she was guilty in trying to switch the price.  I thought she may shorten up the service or the quality of the service might deteriorate, but instead, she kept up the good service and she seemed to do something between 40 minutes to an hour.  She actually seemed like she was trying even harder after this slip up.  However, I was reminded that you gotta be careful with service professionals in Korea.  There’s a bit of negotiating and sometimes it’s best to negotiate it up front EVEN if you have received service from the person once before.

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  1. SKY

    Are you sure she wasn’t asking if you wanted a “happy ending?”

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