Surfing American and other Western websites from Korea

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I say “Korea” because with the recent summit between North Korea’s Kim Jong Il and South Korea’s Roh Moo Hyun, we may be seeing a unified Korea sometime within this century.

Moving onto the topic of the post… grabs my attention constantly so I can keep up with the latest websites on the ‘net.  It’s the only larger company which keeps tracks of internet traffic for free unlike the Nielsens Ratings or otherwise in the world.  Thus, my creation of to keep track of all the websites which move up and down relatively more than other websites on the Internet.  However, every time I visit the site, I’m reminded that the site looks horrible.  It also takes forever to load.  In my mind, they just simply don’t care about the country which boasts the highest broadband penetration rates in the world at just short of 90%.  Korea to be frank has been a leader in utilizing the Internet just shortly after it became popular in the mid 1990’s. 

Perhaps Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon who owns, hates Koreans.  I stood up to him in a Quarterly Company meeting where he tells us the present, the future and answers questions.  During the  Q & A period, I decided to ask him about “family benefits.”  It struck me odd for such a progressive and strong company and one run by a man of two kids (at least at the time) would not relate with having more benefits for families.  They were (from what I heard) “forced” to give maternity leave against their will due to Federal requirements on maternity leave.  Simply put, they don’t believe in those benefits.  He thought too many people were getting rich from the company he shared many options with (or stock option grants).  However, he neglected to think about all the new people that were replacing all the people that didn’t have the motivation they did when their stock was climbing $10 or $20 a day.  His company only had “good people” as a motivator for people to stay, but after a while, the extra work & demands overcomes the great people you see on a daily basis. 

Or he just may be cheap…I was just hoping this was it.  I knew he still had not yet broke a pro-forma profit and so he was doing everything he could to just get the company profitable, which it has been ever since 2003 or so.  However, he opened up Amazon’s website in Japan early in the game which has been doing incredible financially, but has NOT opened up Korea.  Kind of weird given it’s only just across the “East Sea” and has very similar dynamics to Japan.  Perhaps he does really hate Koreans or has had a few too many bad experiences with him.  The ironic thing is that many Koreans still buy his products and pay the hefty shipping fees…I’ve spoken to at least 20+ Koreans who do.

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