The “come here” bar in South Korea

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Anxiously waiting for a call, a voice next to me calls out “Wah-bah.” It continues to blare “Grandpa Wah-bah.” In Korean, “Wah-bah” means “come here.” So, I knew this chunky kid of no more than 7 years old was asking his elderly relative to come to him. He asked his grandpa “which massage chair would he want to use?” It was his call to his grandfather to get him to pay for a 10 minute “shake & bake” in a black leathery massage chair.

The reason why I bring this up is because “Wah-Bah” sounds mysteriously close to a relatively common and popular local foreigners bar or one which has many imports for beers and other liquors. It’s a somewhat popular hangout because it’s done up real nice and very clean along with a great selection of alcohol on top of some decent appetizers. The name? WA Bar. So, I don’t know if it comes from “Come here…” or not. However, now thinking about it, maybe it does… Originally, I thought it stood for Washington State’s Bar. Of course, that thought escaped my mind after the nanosecond I thought about it thinking “how stupid would that be.” Then again, I’ve been amazed at the reason why something is named what it is.

By the way, but the reason why it sounds even “MORE” mysteriously close in terms of sounds is that Koreans sometimes drop the “R” at the end of “Bar.”  It’s pronounced “Bah” in Korean or should I say “Konglish?”  So, actually WA Bar which should be “Wah-Bahr” is actually “Wah-Bah” in Konglish.  🙂

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