No wonder Koreans sometimes dislike some foreigners…

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The statistics are readily available for me on this blog via a Dashboard WordPress keeps track of. So, I am able to see where my traffic comes from in the great depth of data that this blog provides. Well, a recent source & a regular source of some of my traffic is this site called Expat-Blog. Right above a link to my blog is this guy named Mike who keeps his blog with Google’s Blogspot in the following page:

I’m always interested in reading a good blog & give it a click and read before falling asleep. Well, to no surprise, the blog shows me once again how people know how to turn a good thing into a bad one. I’ve met many like Mike in my time in Korea and they know how to turn a good meal into the most depressing event in a lifetime. His blog is just strung with negative innuendos or commentaries of things in Busan which make the city sound like a cesspool.

Some examples: in blogging about a recent pan flute concert, he sarcastically quips that a lottery awarding people with instruments at the end is “some way of potentially … attracting new members.” In describing Busan’s “cultural scene”, Mike doesn’t have the nicest words to say: ” Busan may not be the capital of Korea, but it’s often crossed my mind that we have much smaller cities back in the UK with a much more developed cultural scene.” No offense Mike, but please go back to one of the smaller cities then instead of trying to pick up on the local Korean women who you probably find easier to attract than the many women who probably deny you right and left back home. The sad thing about his negativity is that it makes me want to tear right back into him — so I’m being a hypocrite here as well, I realize. However, why not, it’s a freakin’ blog, eh?

The sad thing is this guy knows he’s an ass. He let’s us know in the same post which happened to be about PIFF (the Pusan International Film Festival) that he probably finds some deep seeded enjoyment in being negative. He was interviewed by SBS he says. “I was pulled away before I had the chance to do my bit on national TV and put back foreign relations by several years.” He also criticizes in his little subtle way about how Koreans copy the crap out of things. “A big sign down the side read ‘No Piracy allowed in KOREA – right.” While his comments are somewhat justified because there is a bit of mass producing of others’ works, I think as the country becomes more developed, they start to understand the need to for copyright protection. They’re making efforts now. So, let them instead of constantly stomping on the parade.

I realize he has all the right in the world like I do to be positive or negative, but I just find that being as cynical and negative as he is, it just wastes time and creates resentment. He may not realize it 100%, but as he states in the aforementioned, he acknowledges he isn’t the most positive person. In my opinion, he’s just wasting air and the time he’s taking up of others is honestly a waste of his (supposed) friends’ time as well. If he’s teaching English here, I just pray to whomever he prays to that his students aren’t totally convinced at his musings. Otherwise, they’ll probably be spitting on themselves because Mike encourages them to do so.

The other unfortunate thing is that his writing isn’t all that bad & the pictures and videos he captures are a definite “contribution to peoples’ learnings about Busan. However, I’m sure he’s just helping buttress the same cynicism in the people who read his writings and view his pictures. On the flip side, his negativity may be because he’s run into this guy I know who doesn’t mind physically beating up people like this just for fun. I’ll hope for his mother’s sake he doesn’t run into him because he’s about 100 kilos of raw muscle and has knocked a good number of people out of commission for saying such cynical things.

Fortunately, for my belief in yin and yang, people like him always provide society the automatic need to balance his waste and negativity with quite the opposite. For example, I’m blessed with some of the most enjoyable and most productive coworkers in my company & perhaps its thanks to him because God or whatever higher power that may be has decided to let him “feel the pain” and be surrounded by all the negativity that seems to prevail in his life.

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One response to “No wonder Koreans sometimes dislike some foreigners…

  1. boom

    You are a very strange guy. You are often quite negative yourself. Not everyone is the same as you. Many may relate to his blog and find it very informative. Ying and yang your way to showing some respect for others.

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