Look at the funny things I see daily in my job…

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OK, this is the most ridiculous requests I have seen in all my time (3.5+ years) in English Academies in South Korea.  I see a bunch of applications for jobs and resumes for our positions and many are o.k., but many are also very UNprofessional given that they are applying for a job.  Can I repeat?  A J-O-B.  Do these people do this back home applying for jobs at Microsoft or Apple Computer? If they do, I’m sure they’re not getting replies from the recruiters.

Anyway, this one just had to be posted.  I will not place this person’s name & will replace the state with another State & City to protect this person’s identity.

First of all, no “Dear” or “To whom it may concern”, just this…

I am interested in your job. I will be short and sweet. Below are my

University: State University of New York Binghamton
Major: Psychology
Degree: BA
New York Teacher: Special Education: Science and Math
Korea Teacher: 1 year

It will take me a while to get the documents unless you can use it from my
previous employer. I will give you her email if you can do that.

I have certains demands that are non-negotiable:
1)2700,000-3000,000 WON per month (Depends on flexibility of hours)
2)500,000 1st day bonus (Move-in special)
3)Decent Apt (Small is fine)
4)American Sports Channel (NFL, NBA, and USA Baseball)
5)Treat me with the respect of a Doctor (Anything less and I will quit)
  (I am always called Mr. Smith or Professor Smith)

Are you kidding me?  Treat me with the respect of a Doctor?  Did you forget to mention you got an M.D. along the way of making all your demands?  Have you EVER seen a job give you an “American Sports Channel” as part of the package of your job?  Get some perspective and get your own dang Cable TV.  No wonder this guy is working here in Korea…most people in the United States probably thinks he’s crazy. 

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One response to “Look at the funny things I see daily in my job…

  1. boom

    hmm, I don’t think I would like to work with someone like you

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