Delays in publishing the books…

So, I’ve been planning to write 3 books recently and on top of that, I’ve just added 3 potential other topics I may be writing.  Unfortunately, I’d like to write book #1 regarding the past 10 years of my life right now, but due to work demands, I think I’ll need to write #4 in the list because it’s more germane to my daily life & will hopefully benefit the Korean population as a whole.  I’m aiming to write 3 chapters today (of course rough drafts), but we’ll see how it goes.

The problem is that I get last minute requests from students and coworkers on a regular basis to help them.  One of my high level writing class students hands me an application to his International School of choice and it’s due in 3 days.  I scold him a bit for giving it to me so late where he constantly apologizes and I still agree to do it.  So, it sort of hurts my chances on achieving these goals like writing 3 chapters today.  I also woke up really late because I’ve been depriving myself of sleep lately due to all the work demands. I got my first full night of rest in a while.  Boy, do I love sleeping…


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3 responses to “Delays in publishing the books…

  1. Lee

    I build up a ‘sleep-deficit’ during the week that spikes on Friday. Saturday morning is when it all gets paid off

  2. By the way, this kid writes me an email on Saturday, 12 hours after he’s given it to me and tells me he needs it “that night.” He then calls me later (since I wasn’t checking email on Sunday) on my way to dinner telling me he needs it “in like 2 hours.” I tell him I’m going to dinnner & it’s a little unreasonable, but I’ll get to it after dinner. Due to eating a good dinner, I take a nap afterward on MY ONLY DAY OFF & am awaken to his call asking me “why isn’t it done?” I apologize & tell him I’ll get to it in the next 1/2 hour. I finish it & he gives me more attitude than gratitude.

    The day after, he and his family end up bolting for kyongi-do right after the application was done. The boy doesn’t even have the courtesy to tell me he’s moving the day after this application is done. Interesting…I almost want to write a newspaper editorial on this one so his family can read this.

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