Breaking down racism and Korea becoming a melting pot of sorts

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On my way to work, I always pass the newstands to debate whether or not to spend the 700 won for the orange Korea Herald (yes, the newspaper is orange) or just listen to my iPod shuffle on the way to work.  Today, I noticed the headlines of the main sports newspapers hailing some guy named “Rios” in hurling probably a great game for the local professional baseball teams.  On the cover of another sports tribune of sorts, I see a Korean hugging a black man (or it appeared so) after he probably knocked in a goal for another soccer team. 

Either Hines Ward did a number on this country or slowly, it’s starting to accept the races and cultures throughout the world who do very well in sports.  When I was late about 2 weeks ago to work, I jumped into a cheap cab (again, only about $6 for a 20 minute hurried ride to work) where we drove by 2 very tall black men with baskeball gear on.  They looked a bit lost, but they were definitely not English teachers.  However, coincidentally, we did have a local semi-professional basketball player who would substitute for us occasionally.  He just signed onto the local team & supposedly even got a shoe sponsorship.  Go Jimmy! 

The country is definitely developing and beginning to understand the needs to accept other cultures.  Perhaps the start is in sports or as a student of mine would say, it’s also in the rural areas where the farmers are importing wives from Thailand and Vietnam.  Regardless, many races are starting to populate this country and potentially, the country can become another melting pot or a “tossed salad” as others like to call it.  Regardless, it should only benefit the country for the better.  Another reason why I feel like the stay here would be good is this. 

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