Getting paid more than the CEO…

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I’m the highest paid employee in my company. So, does that mean I can’t ask for more? Well, it actually does make me feel guilty when I make more than my CEO who is the highest paid Korean employee in the company, but I’m the highest paid salaried employee in our company.

This doesn’t mean that others are not paid higher than me. About 6 months+ ago, I decided to work for a flat salary. I felt it was enough to take care of my family & myself. I didn’t need to bankrupt the company. As we move forward operating in lean ways, I sometimes wonder about my salary vs. the others in the company. I also start to think about the large discrepancies between the Korean employees and the foreign teachers. There are many teachers who make a minimum of 2 times the salary of the staff that support them and there are many who actually make as much as 3 to 4 times. The education of the Korean staff and the Foreign staff is the same usually: Bachelors in a 4 year University. The difference — we can speak English & many Koreans want to speak our language.

It still doesn’t overcome the fact I’m paid higher than our CEO. I’ve posted this several times, but there are so many Koreans in this country who work for less than their western counterparts for the sake of the company, their humility and for the benefit of the organizations that employ them. Many times in the past, I was educated that the “East” has more of a “we” philosophy about things vs. the “I” philosophy in the west. As I stay here longer and longer, I realize it is 100% true. I kind of like it & have an easier time getting to know my coworkers and enjoy the time with them.

Even though I get paid more than him, I take home less than 1/2 what he does though…I ship most of it to my family — which I’m happy to do as long as I can.

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