Great Turkish food in Busan, South Korea

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I thought I found an incredible Turkish restaurant near Pusan University earlier this year when I first settled in.  The name of it is something like Kebakistan or something similar & has a very friendly owner.  It’s in the basement of a building just off the main intersection where Burger King resides in front of the main entrance of Pusan University with a Starbucks just around the corner.  The green sign makes it a bit easier to find & it’s near some concoction of a coffee shop that’s very similar to the Coffee Bean, but called something else like Bean Coffee, but still happens to manage to charge an arm & a leg for a stinkin’ cup of java.

Anyway, this post wasn’t to gloat about that restaurant, but actually to tell you about the closest thing to great Greek or Turkish food since I’ve been in Korea.  The restaurant’s name is Cappadocia and is just north of Pusan University in between Dooshil and Namsan stations on the subway.  If you jump out of Namsan station heading south, you should see an SK gas station on the right had side.  At that specific intersection, take the small road to the east or you may see a Islamic temple like building just to your left/east of you.  Take a few steps (about 25 meters at the maximum) and you should see the entrance of this fine Turkish restaurant. 

When I was there, my friends and I had the kebaps, the tzatziki yogurt, the hummus (better than the other one in front of Pusan U), a dish I can’t recall with lamb meat which was divine and the bread they give is just too generous.  The price wasn’t bad either with the appetizers starting around 3000 and the main dishes at 11,000 won or so if you don’t order the sets.  The place is very clean and beautiful, the food comes out almost as quick as Korean restaurants the staff is incredibly friendly.  It deserves 4 and 1/2 stars out of 5.  I’d like to give it 5 stars, but perfection is almost impossible to attain. 

 Their website is:


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4 responses to “Great Turkish food in Busan, South Korea

  1. Shabana Indian Restaurant officially Registered and Approved by Busan Tourism Association as Tourist Restaurant(Indian) by Shammi Indian
    56-1 3rd Floor Deyondong Namgu Busan South Korea

    Busan, South Korea Phone no 0082-51-621-4821

    부산 남구 대연동 56-1

    지혜1길 8

  2. masoumeh

    dear sir ,
    ı am türkish cook .ı want work with you same a cook.
    if you want ,ı send you more informaion.
    ı wait your massage

  3. Allison

    “Islamic temples” are called mosques.

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