Interesting images series: don’t mess with a porcupine

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This pitbull didn’t realize all those quills can jump off and get ya!


I was teaching the boys some body parts of a porcupine this weekend since it was part of their homework.  They were suppose to draw a porcupine with teeth, quills, fur, eyes, claws, paws, mouth and ears.  The boys didn’t know what quills, fur, claws and paws were and so I had to show them them.  Doing a google search on “porcupine” images, I got this picture.  I didn’t use this pic in explaining it to them, but thought I had to post it here for keeps sakes.  Interesting….


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64 responses to “Interesting images series: don’t mess with a porcupine

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  2. ed

    I hope the blood on this freak dog’s muzzle is it’s own and not the porcupine. Dogs are a reflection of their owners and pitbulss are bred by killer twats with homicidal over agressive instincts.

    • jasmine

      your an idiot. i just want you to know that. Pitbulls are sometimes raised for suggestivly agressive events, but not all of them. Most of the pitbulls ive ever been in contact with are far more calm than most other dogs. And this picture is really sad actually, its upsetting the poor dog had to go through such hell.

    • Zee

      ed: pitbulls might be bred by some twats, but it took a hell of a bit twat to actual write this statement, suppose you judge people on the colour of their skins too .. seriously if you that uneducated and narrow minded you should keep your comments to yourself and go back to the trailer park!

      • hunnybunny128

        oh yeah!!! ha i couldn’t have said that better myself! Pitbulls are misunderstood and unjustly judged by their cover. I’ve met more reactive chihuahuas than some pits! Most pits are breed for pets and loving companions and the ones breed for fighting are a sad minority. it is unfortunate that the dogs are judged by this…

    • fghaskjghabv

      I completely agree with you on all but one thing; that being pitbulls are not all bred by killer twats. However, those that are make it completely obvious through their aggressive tendencies.

    • WTF are you talking about…if you raise your dog to fight the guess what! they will be agressive, but if you take a puppy socialize it with dogs, kids, and people it will never have a problem, unless your counting every little nip, bark, etc… in witch case your being judgmental of the breed and are just scared b/c of storys that you have heard!
      P.S. you have to muzzle and or tie the dogs mouth shut in the type of situation or the dog could bite you due to the amount of pain he is in (no matter what breed, or how nice he is)

    • carla lukens

      You are a freakin idiot!!!!! How can someone be so stupid and still be able to breath???? It is extremely obvious to me that you know nothing about the raising of any animal much less a dog not to mention Pit Bulls!!!! Ignorance like yours should be dealt with quickly and severly…. You are the reason the Pit Bull has the reputation it has… Not all of them are raised or bred to be agressive. They are wonderful pets when people raise them responsibly..It has nothing at all to do with the breed!

    • s_lukas2

      Your ideas are idiotic. And you defend the porcupine?!! WTH? I’d be screaming OH POOR DOG, and you crave more blood from it. What is wrong with you… pits are adorable. This shows something about you… you put people and animals in ‘boxes’ by stereotypes and you are a CAT PERSON, idiot.

      Unless you want more hate comments, change your philosophy/thinking. If you even do think, because most scientists agree you need a BRAIN for that.

      • IgaveBirthToAGazebo

        Yes, the “poor dog”, you gigantic twat!
        I’m pretty sure that the porcupine attacked the dog, not the other way around ….
        I’ve seen many house cats, badgers, porcupines and hedgehogs attacking large dogs… or wait I think it might be the other way around.
        “The big man broke his knuckles punching all those little children. POOR GUY!”
        It doesn’t take much to be smarter than you….

    • Erica

      well you must be a dumb ass because i am a 21 year old college student and i have a pit bull ( she is probably the sweetest dog i have ever had) and i am by no means a “killer twat”. do your research before you post things, it pays to be more educated on subjects before you start talking.

    • braiden

      You are an effing dumbass Ed

    • Dave

      Ed – as I’m sure all these people before you have pointed out, you are (in-fact) the exact type of killer twat that you accuse this dogs owner of being. If you look at the picture (and it’s twin by searching “porcupine” on google images) let’s assess the damage eh?

      1. The dog is wearing a RAINBOW COLLAR for christ’s sake! Some “over agressive twat” isn’t going to put a rainbow collar and a purple leash on his “super bad ass, WAY over the top aggressive pitbull”.

      2. As you can clearly see from the other picture of this dog (read above), his owner is wearing PINK LOAFERS!!! Enough said here.

      There’s all the proof you need. I think your comment says what everyone else has been telling you so I’ll save it, because by now you already know how much of an idiot you are. (so I won’t save it, lol)

      To anyone feeling sorry for the dog, he survived but the vet pulled 1,347 quills from him. YEOWCH! That hurts.

      • Poor puppy. My boyfriend has a pitbull and he is the sweetest dog I have ever met. I know someone who was attacked by a beagle. Some dogs just have bad temperments.

    • Actually a pitbull can be raised for aggresive events and some pitbulls are just plain dangoruas and mean because thats how they where raised and born, like how there family was treating them or such other things!

    • wow you couldn’t feel bad for the dog alittle bit!

  3. Arin Zenor

    Ohmygod! Put the poor dog down or something!

  4. Ashley

    i cannot believe it thats so sad i now i wouldnt be able to live with that omg i hope to God that dog is alright!!!!!! What happened?!?!?!?!

    • jj

      the dog was stupid enough to keep biting on the porcupine. Fairly simple concept… stupid dogs who don’t learn from their mistakes don’t live to make puppies. Natural selection

  5. tala

    this actually isn’t a real dog.

    and fuck you, ed. pit bulls are fantastic dogs. people are freaks. not the innocent dog.

  6. noneofyourbeeswax

    i have tears in my eyes

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  8. this dog probz had it cummin, i bet itsz own3r didnt even feed it or bring it to church or NUTHINZZ. and dumbass 2 below me, the dog prob got into a porkapine nest without the owner knowing, you cum sucking peta freak sometimes dogsz are responsible for they own akshins

    • c

      you are an idiot. i really can’t believe that you are so poorly educated that you can’t spell worth a cent, but you manage to create the name ‘jesusfreak.’ and why the hell is that your name you obviously aren’t all about him.

      • chris

        Sometimes it better to keep your mouth shut and appear as an idiot, rather than open it and remove all doubt.

        The jesusfreak is ironic and will piss any devout christian off (which trolls love doing), along with with the peta comment and blatant typos, i think it’s safe to say we got ourselves a troll here.

    • Jashin4Ever!

      If it is real then the dog should be thank full it doesn’t live in africa, in africa lions suffer porcupine attacks all the time… but then again africa DOES have huge Porcupines there; That is just a size of a domesticated one
      Proof it lives in Africa;
      size of quill difference;
      And jesusfreak2002… You ARE the fucking dumbest person I have met online so far! ah! Its fun to laugh at fuck-tards! Isn’t it, now?
      And, YOU, shouldn’t be teaching ‘the boys’ anything, well, not if its about animals that is, There is no such dog as a ‘pitbull’ Its called a ‘Pittbull’. But thats OK, common mistake… Apart from the fact that the dog isn’t a Pittbull! Its a Bull Terrier! And Both dogs are wonderfull pets! So are Dobermans, Rottweilers ect, all the misunderstood dogs with the right owners! Now, Have a nice freaking day!

    • Zee

      go learn your ABC’s before showing the whole world you have liver for brains!

    • Noir

      Really strange person you are, oh… great grammer also!

    • carla lukens

      You are an ignorant hypocrite! Look it up in the dictionary and have someone read it out loud to you! How sad for you!

    • Ashley

      can not believe your name is “jesusfreak” when you act like that. its people that you that give christians a bad name.

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  10. Heidi

    oh wow that poor dog, i hope all the quills came out and he was alright, oh that’s awful, again though i hope the dog is alright.

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  12. hates stupid people

    for all the dumb asses that think this is a pit bull its a bull terrier. they are non aggressive family dogs. i hope its alright. for those of you who thought it was a pit bull and had negative things to say, do yourself a favor and make sure you actually know what you are talking about before you speak. its a lesson not only for this blog, but for life.

    • aj

      THANK YOU I was reading all of these and trying to understand why they were calling it a pit bull. If you want to get technical there is no such breed as a “pit bull.” But I do hope the dog is ok and for everyone else who says that the dog deserved it…it probably didn’t even know what a porcupine was until it was to late. It was all just a more or less a natural happening. You can’t blame animals for there instincts.

  13. Stunning

    OMG, that poor doggy, I hope everything came out…….nd OUCh that must be PAINFUL….just imagine that on your own body… 😦

  14. Emma

    Aaw! that poor thing! I hope its alright, what happened to it?! and JesusFreak2002, you need to see a specialist about your spelling O.O akshins = actions for gods sake check a dictionary.

  15. you idiots

    those arent real porcupine spikes.
    that image has been made with a brush from photoshop.

  16. lats


  17. Hidanana

    your the idiot, you little douche
    Its real, heres another picture, OF THE SAME DOG!

  18. ~~~

    Looks like this dog got what it deserved :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  19. Donna

    That’s just amazing…the dog must have not given up on the first try! I wonder if the porcupine even survived?
    Both animals deserve sympathy. We can’t know that the porcupine didn’t wander into the owner’s back yard, so we can’t blame the owner, either. Porcupines don’t attack–or even counter-attack. They just raise their quills, and turn their back, and thrash their tail. The attacking dog does the rest all by itself.

    I imagine this dog had to simply be anesthetized, and then someone had to spend HOURS with pliers getting all those quills out…antibiotics and a prayer later, and it may have lived. I wonder, though, if it was permanently blinded.

  20. Shellie Lewis

    If that happened to one of my dogs, I would have to rush the dog to the 24 hour emergency vet. They would have to totally knock him out with anesthetic such as required for surgery to remove the quills. I would not recommend someone try to deal with this situation on their own.

    That is not a pit bull, that is an English bull terrier. They look like this:

    It’s my understanding from talking with people from the UK that American pit bulls are an offshoot of the Staffordshire terrier [“Staffie”]. Staffies look just like pit bulls but are lighter in build with a rounded, more domed head. Bull dogs and bull terriers were used by people to fight bulls for sport going back to the middle ages, possibly earlier. AKC official history:

  21. Shellie Lewis

    Urban legend debunker verifies this is a true photograph and has the owners’ response here:

  22. layla

    oh woow!! i really feel bad for that dog!! lol. thats funny and hurtfull in so many ways….:D

  23. Megan

    I feel sooooooooo bad for that dog!! But I
    know all dogs do dumb things like that………..
    …………. messing with porcupines.

  24. bstnh1

    Just reading through these posts confirms that there is a real lack of intelligence in the world today. Most of these comments sound like they come from the small minds of low I.Q. idiots who couldn’t put together a meaningful thought if their lives depended on it.


    WOW, I cant even believe what Im reading. I have read so many posts that actually say “the dog got what it deserved” since when did dogs actually know 100% what they were doing at all times? They are curious and when this happens they get into trouble! Simple as that, this is a real dog, and it did survive. I work in a Vet Clinic and see this a lot, it is very painful, but can be treated if done in a timely manner! You dont have to be a member PETA to love animals, or not want something bad to happen to them! I am the owner of 2 red nose pittbulls have had 1 for 9 years and the other is 14 weeks old, and NEITHER have ever bitten a sole! I have 6 children that were raised with my oldest dog. Due some research, before you start blaming the breed. But sadly some of the people on this site are whom keep my business afloat! Makes me sick to think that you could possibly be a parent!!!!

  26. Rae

    Not to rehash the “pit bulls are bad/good” topic, my problem is with the caption above the photograph.. ( The photograph has been altered dramatically.)

    “This pit bull didn’t realize all those quills can jump off and get ya!” I hope you weren’t being literal, otherwise you learned nothing with your child during your research about porcupines.

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  29. Getedjumicated

    Well first off, it is a real dog. There is blood pooling around each quill. The blood around its muzzle shows that his attack on the porcupine was a visious one. Porcupines can “throw” thier quills but they usually only release a few at a time. This porcupine seems to have lost most of its quills which means the dog got quilled and yet kept attacking. For a dog to attack through the amount of pain the quills produce would say that the dog was in a blind “rage” attack. Dogs like that tend to not only attack animals this way but children as well… they do not let go untilt he prey is dead. The sad part of this is that the dog is made this way by the owner. Dogs will naturally defend themselves and thier young but they are not prone to attack this visiously for no reason. If the dog survived the attack and infections fromt he quills then he is most certainly blind. So the owner is a complete moron for several reasons.

  30. J.R.

    No one even noticed the comment made by the poster…”This pitbull didn’t realize all those quills can jump off and get ya!”

    Porcupines do not shoot their quills, nor do they “jump.” They detach once contact is made with whatever is preying on the porcupine (or touching it).

    I feel bad for both the porcupine and the dog, and for the owner, even if the dog isn’t real. I’m sure this has happened to a many unfortunate pups out there.

  31. porcupine – 1, stupid dog – 0

  32. Thomas

    Pitbulls love adults. Other animals and small children however…

  33. That poor thing is not stupid! I’ll bet if YOU ran into a porcupine, the condition would be EVEN WORSE because you might poke it with a stick >:I

  34. rachel

    That’s not even a Pitbull! Its a Bull Terrier! Second, the quills don’t jump off of porcupines. They spike up and if you touch them they get embedded in your skin. This dog had a bad run in with a porcupine and obviously it lost, but no one should go on here shaming the dog for doing was it was bred to do! They were bred to hunt vermin! Vermin as in rodents. Porcupines are rodents!

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