“Why Koreans get HIGHLY frustrated with [some] foreigners” series: “corn on my pizza…”

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Just started reading this thread http://forums.eslcafe.com/korea/viewtopic.php?t=102335 about how some newbie to Korea learns that corn shows up on Pizza in Korea & is disgusted by it. Why do people come to Korea? I’m perplexed.

Most people tell me they come here to learn something new. So, Koreans put corn on their pizza… They’ve now learned something “new” in how “other cultures” do things differently. Mission complete — task accomplished — the foreigner has learned something “new.” Can’t s/he be happy now? No…

Well, deeper in the thread, some ignorant person writes this:

Joined: 29 Mar 2004
Location: The 4th Greatest Place on Earth = Jeonju!!!
PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 12:45 am Post subject: Reply with quote

tomato wrote:
They don’t realize corn is not a pizza topping in our culture.
When I order pizza, I always have to remember to say “옥수수 없이.”

I’ve been here 3 years and never crossed paths with corn on my Domino’s pizza.
Korea: Where Logic Comes to Die…


(I don’t know how much of this from the message board will show up in my WordPress blog because some things copied and pasted here don’t show up exactly how it looks when first pasted) Nevertheless, this person who goes by the name of “Alyallen” in Dave’s ESL Cafe message boards writes “they’ve never found corn in pizza they’ve ordered for 3 years in Korea.”

While what they say sort of defends the fact that foreigners can figure out how to order pizza without corn, the other comments on this person’s signature just frustrate me to all ends. For example, he places in her/his signature: “Korea: Where Logic Comes to Die…” O.K. buddy, but what sort of logic do you operate off of? This person also has a clock at the bottom of her/his signature identifying the remaining time this person will stay in Korea which happens to be 2 months 1 week and 5 days. Basically, this person is sick of Korea.

The first question I have for this person is “Why has this person spent 3 years in Korea if they hate it so much?” Is it because they want to pay off all their debt they accumulated somewhere else? I’d love to know why this person who supposedly has so much disgust for Korean logic could stand it for 3 years. I’m wondering if this person has a huge ulcer in their stomach after all this “illogical” behavior in Korea. The other question is “Why does this person talk about Jeonju being the 4th best place in the world?” I know it’s probably sarcasm, but…

I could be joking or could be sarcastic here as well, but I just have to be frank that there are just too many people who whine in this world (& they’re not all foreigners here in Korea, but for some reason I find a lot of them via Korean expat blogs), but sit around and do absolutely nothing to change what they’re complaining about. They sit on their bar stools & whine about it until the wee hours of the morning and start over on another day to just spread more negativity. I’d love it if these people would go away. These are the people who probably are truly responsible for society’s ills.

I hate to write this because I have some of the greatest coworkers and friends who are foreigners, but I know they’ll understand & probably agree on why some of these other people are just so damn negative. Sorry to you guys who are good people, but I just have to write this…just as they get frustrated with how things are done in Korea, I’m frustrated with the spreading of their stupidity…


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5 responses to ““Why Koreans get HIGHLY frustrated with [some] foreigners” series: “corn on my pizza…”

  1. David

    So….it’s just weird. Corn on pizza. This hardly qualifies him as a stupid person. He is right..corn on pizza, while not really a big deal (for me) isn’t something we do back home. For some reason it puts people off. But, on the other hand he should learn how to say “no corn please”. Even Koreans who leave this place and come back after 10 or 15 years are put off by it.

    Logic is another topic.

  2. Just as a heads up, but I’m not as critical toward the guy who has a problem with corn on pizza. Rather, I’m more frustrated with the stuff on the other person’s signature & timer on leaving the country. Anyway, I was just sick of seeing things like that — on that day. Some days I can tolerate negativity more than others…maybe like some days they can tolerate corn…ha, ha…and other days, they want to kill the pizza delivery guy for delivery corn topped pizza.

  3. David

    Ha ha..that’s funny. Maybe he does. I don’t know where he lives, but at the Dominos Pizza here in Daegu, I haven’t seen corn on my pie. I totally understand though, I can only take so much in one day. You’ve got a point.

  4. boom

    spend less time reading blogs

  5. a foreigner

    I found this blog from the “porcupine+dog” pictures, then I read this post.

    Even though I have never been to Korea, you are SO right in your observations on foreigners. I guess your observations are valid in any country. And I totally agree, if they don’t even like it, why do they visit the country in the first place? Makes no sense to me.

    As for corn on pizza, that’s nothing special. You can put anything on pizza, and the pizza shops here (Denmark, EU) will put corn on some of their pizzas and not on others. It’s just a normal topping like any other.

    Here, if I’m ordering pizza I sometimes ask them to top it with an extra layer of lettuce on top of the ordinary topping. It gives a nice fresh taste and the lettuce contains extra water, which is good for digestion. It’s the same thing with corn, really.

    Have a nice day 🙂

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